can be said that the original article became many webmaster an insurmountable threshold, many people watching other people can write a good article easily, feel very confused. When they began to write the article, often can not think of a good theme, even with the theme also don’t know what to say. The original article really so hard to write? Actually not difficult, as long as you hold some small tricks you can easily write a quality original article.

identified the theme of nature is to think about how the brain. We have to know to write on topics, such as the words you want to write pages, even if you don’t know what is going on in the key words, how the distribution, then you can write an article about the key words with an air of importance? It is obviously not possible, they must "belly in stock" it. Then, still with keywords for example, we can talk about what is the key words in the article for the definition of a page, its role in what aspects, then talk about how the keywords in the page layout, how to control the density and the synonyms. Each item of which is enough for a text written, add up to a paper having substance in speech.

In the optimization of the construction site of

, we all know this sentence, that content is king, the chain for the post. Eight simple words, and the two most important steps in Shanghai Longfeng work. The contents here naturally refers not to a large number of duplicate content acquisition, but high quality original content. Many owners feel very difficult in how to write the original article, the word "Shanghai dragon" in the search engine ranking the first Shanghai dragon WHY, the forum the bottom also has this problem: Shanghai dragon is the content source of inheritance in return to the user, it also explains the importance and difficulty of doing Shanghai Longfeng original content.

to talk about the topic choice, in fact that anything related to Shanghai dragon, we can take it as the theme of this article. Here to write Shanghai Longfeng article how to determine the theme to explain: some basic parts of Shanghai Longfeng, such as the words in the layout of the page how to do, how to write the title of title, which are the basic knowledge of Shanghai dragon, but can become us to write an essay on the subject of. Secondly, some fresh Shanghai Longfeng information also can be used as the theme for discussion, is now updated day in Shanghai, what happened tomorrow, Google launched a new algorithm, what effect will bring. Again, some well-known people in Shanghai Longfeng circle, such as ZAC, Cardiff et al., their new one article or speech, usually a lot of people may not understand the details, we can write such an article on the basis of understanding for the majority of Shanghai dragon ER interpretation of the master’s remarks. In short, not only in the Shanghai dragon industry, any industry, any industry related to any things can be used as the theme of this article.