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in the huge consumer market growth in more than 30% years, waiting to get together to enter the United States O2O entrepreneurs may be a dividend of tens of billions, but I can be


who would not blame others because he was ugly, it is his turn to want to be a little more beautiful, or a little more beautiful. Where there is endless demand, where there is a huge business opportunities.

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plastic surgeons and surgical ranking of the top 25 countries and regions of the International Association of plastic surgery, plastic surgery number China accounted for 12.7% of the total global plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery has become the world’s third great powers. 2014, China’s plastic industry output value has reached 510 billion yuan, plastic people have more than 7 million 430 thousand. The annual growth rate is estimated at more than 30% conservative.

medical beauty industry is a typical high frequency trading, user decision cycle is long, the cost is high. It is difficult to choose a trusted institution. In addition, orthopedic medical accident newspapers frequently touched the nerve of potential users.

at the same time, plastic institutions need to invest a huge amount of promotional costs to get new users, channels and sales account for about 50% of revenue. The most common way to promote Baidu PPC and keyword, despite rising prices, but advertising conversion rate is not high, the mechanism will have to improve various brokers commission amount to 20%-30%..

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all clinics are looking for channels to pull their customers. This is shaping the opportunity for community entrepreneurs.

"normal" and "quality" problem is not open around the field of medical beauty. This is also the first choice for patients in the hospital and the doctor’s pain points. Many people will confuse the medical cosmetic and beauty of life, reality, cleansing and skin care class life beauty salon cross-border injection medical conditions exist.

on the other hand, illegal practitioners are not in the minority. China is still lack of plastic surgeons documented mechanism of access, training institutions, and too many to count the uneven level of students is more dragons and fishes jumbled together. It is estimated that after the local approval of national health authorities have cosmetic surgery qualification physician currently only around 10 thousand, while the rest of the hundreds of thousands of doctors illegal employment.

cosmetic APP first thing is to do a good job of checks, to control the audit process, to ensure that the platform is located in the body is a regular hospital and qualified doctors practicing medicine. Docking throughout the country to help organizations to find the local plastic body.


O2O mode for the under line mechanism is the common operation direction of the existing platform. In the form of products, cosmetic APP collective move toward the community + electricity providers, including preoperative consultation, postoperative sharing, patient interaction and item >