advertisers can write keywords and search terms, a target audience and users are highly relevant, compelling and can click on PPC ads, if possible, the PPC targeted advertising to buy at the end of a cycle of search users, so this part of the user is likely to be transformed into customers.

PPC advertising has a direct impact on the conversion rate optimization effect. When advertisers began to think about the conversion rate optimization, and the deployment of buttons, forms and other design elements on the page, it may bring sales leads, but also may lose a sales opportunity. Therefore, to improve the conversion rate from the beginning of the right keywords by optimizing PPC advertising. Because the conversion rate optimization is firstly to bring potential customers to the site. If the site traffic is high, but the formation of transformation, so the conversion rate optimization is of no avail. While relying on search marketing, and optimize the bidding keywords for the right keywords, can bring high quality website traffic. Keywords flow data will become better. As a result, advertisers can make better decisions for websites and advertising text, and accurately locate potential customers.

conversion rate optimization (CRO), namely advertisers by optimizing the conversion rate to monitor search advertising, landing page and website design. In other words, advertisers to improve the conversion rate of the goal is to visit the website of the visitors is likely to be transformed into user customers or users to complete the corresponding Call to Action. At present, the conversion rate optimization by more and more advertisers welcome, because the conversion rate optimization without increasing the advertising investment but can increase profits, and can make through the search engine to access the site visitors to the maximum possible into sales leads or into paying customers. Therefore, familiar with the conversion rate optimization is of great significance. So how to optimize the conversion rate? Win today morning tea search from search engine marketing perspective to share with you a, and it thoroughly.

The Key phrases and conversion of

PPC advertising and the corresponding landing page is highly relevant as far as possible. Have a landing page advertisement in the Call to Action, and the Call to Action to complete the corresponding user search behavior becomes simple. These Action can be registered to subscribe to the news, download or buy a white paper.

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first, we first look at the conversion rate optimization method.

1. PPC and AD conversion rate optimization

then, let’s take a look at the conversion rate optimization and PPC advertising, the relationship between key words group and landing page.

. A/B test, to find suitable layout, copy and tone, as far as possible from the largest site traffic, and then convert it into valuable sales leads or customers. This requires good communication and responsible for the testing of colleagues. How to communicate, not fine to say It differs from man to man. here.

Design and test of landing page