we pass on the total of all the contents of the URL analysis, found that the site there are 3 main problems:

1, the same content of different URL address.

Highly repetitive content

, the two structural problems

through the depth analysis, daily log statistics found that a large spider crawling in the multi parameter of the page, so I used the tools on the website of the URL global analysis, took no end of our website all URL 1 weeks, URL the number of all reaches more than 400 thousand and continues to increase at this time, I’m aware of the existence of black holes in URL website design.


through keywords and classification of user habits analysis, we found that the website of website structure is too deep level caused by segmentation.

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2, delete unwanted content not completely removed.

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, the content of three

4, the content is transferred to a new domain name, before the transfer of content or you can open the

2012-6-22 this day is destined to become the Shanghai dragon circles can not forget the day, because I love the Shanghai algorithm caused by the change of many sites down the right, especially some old station from the ranking is very good to no ranking, it is back to the night before liberation; many owners think the sea is in love with internal data errors, we at first think so, then love Shanghai search engineer LEE issued a statement for the low quality of the site has been in force, which measures "which mentioned possible injury, and to the channel feedback, we immediately follow up feedback, but a month later, love Shanghai did not respond, then we started to think is not our website with low quality algorithm love Shanghai, but I would like to share our problems.


and tea is a network of Internet sales and sales call center voice for tea e-commerce channels, high-quality tea products integrate each national famous tea production, tea lovers choose to sacrifice. For an e-commerce company in Shanghai Longfeng company is operating in the promotion of essential work, but in June of this year our Shanghai Longfeng work with many well-known e-commerce companies are facing serious challenges, I will interpret the specific problems we are facing and solving process.

URL 3, a large number of different.

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