: site of the original article did not bring a favorable link to the station, less external links.

1, invalid Links

3, front page code redundancy

through the above operation, truly 9 hours to solve the snapshot not update and ranking up annoying problem. This is my little experience, hope to bring some reference to your work in Shanghai dragon.

: home not only to the spider crawling influence, and the user experience is a direct reflection of the page. Because it is often a spider crawling place, is also the largest amount of user browsing the page. So I deleted a lot of redundant code, remove the tedious JS effects code, using the Jquery framework is more simple.

2, the update rules of

: remove the two invalid Links, and put the station on the first key links in a PR; I link 2 forum friendship with his keyword link.

: 7 Links connection at the bottom of the site friendship two of the corresponding URL has not open. The first and second position and the two links in the Links invalid.


: the phenomenon only in the first month update 12 articles, and 12 of this article is published in a period of time, after this month have not updated; the core content and site keywords loose, the relationship between isolated, no inner chain connecting function.

recently, a friend asked me to complain "love Shanghai website snapshot has been more than a month has not been updated, and the website keywords ranking in love in Shanghai has increased from first to eleventh." In my careful analysis of his website, but with a bit of experience to provide a detailed solution for him late in the day, about 11 of the Shanghai dragon, second morning at about 8 when viewing the web site of the core keywords has to recover from eleventh to first, and love Shanghai snapshot also update to the month. Now the solution for everyone to share, hope to be able to play good effect.

: the original two articles and site theme related articles, and two articles complement each other. There were two articles each other keyword links, and different position; content to enclose the core keywords and links to a web page.

: in a snapshot update I love Shanghai every day on the website quoted one of his articles, and included in the key words in the article link to his home address, together with his website at the end of the reference address.

4, the chain is not enough attention to

: to view the source code to find home there are a large number of comments, invalid and redundant Div+CSS code JS.