this site I especially love, why don’t you go to the market and so on, the 58 day war in the first TV? Because we do outside the chain, the chain can obtain maximum achievement with less labor, is a good site.

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two sites are similar. I put them in the same class. Most likely to leave the link section is recruitment, we must pay attention to, is a full-time part-time recruitment recruitment, if it will make you registered enterprise information, it can not achieve the effect of the mass of the trumpet.

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good horn website has a characteristic, is the same information, or in a similar classification class city, county-level city in sharing. What is the meaning? I Chengdu forum issued a recruitment information, not only in Chengdu for this column, in Leshan, Panzhihua, Pixian recruitment recruitment recruitment and so on will be my most city of Sichuan in the recruitment, the chain of information will be displayed in the column page. The statistics, an information can bring more than 500 backlinks.

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so many people think the chain by some second-hand market posts can get high weight, in fact, the secondary market for link management is very strict, I experiment, as long as it is not related to the contents of the posts and Web links, will be the moderator in the same day or the next day to delete. Of course, you can query through the domain chain, is due to a release is included, and a week after the update, from the secondary market section of the link are gone. Therefore, it is recommended that you organize the content again.

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net is very high, especially the "local station" this column, you can put the name of some posts to search inside, can be found basically ranked in the top two pages. In this section, each account can send a post, stick to it, not only can get high quality links, can also receive a lot of keywords ranking.

here, friends will be questioned, there is column page links such a long time, because the sections information is updated in real time, probably over a period of time is not, but caused the chain changes too much. Don’t worry, we also have a way of. We carefully query, very many sections, such as pets, such as the sale of bicycle, their corresponding local columns and update degree is very small, or last year’s post release, popular forum information, if people do not have to save your link, a very long time.

chain is an important factor in ranking sites, through the network of information chain, very easy, and now the weight of classified information are relatively high, the chain should be counted as relatively high quality. Today, simply share some of their own experience outside the chain of information classification.