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second, from the analysis of the long tail keywords, there are 27181 key words ranking love Shanghai top 50, indicating the number of words where the network layout is very much. At the same time, from the analysis of key words, can see the vast majority of keywords are related to tourism, air tickets, hotel and so on, which shows where the network layout of the keywords quality is very good.

yes, I think where to go next major work is to find a way to Shanghai, beyond their own, because the competition has been surpassed. Here I come to a concrete analysis:

in fact, in addition to these, in Shanghai Longfeng do there are many good places, will not go into here.

, in essence, is a process of Shanghai dragon website continuously competition. Which website of Shanghai Dragon Well, which website ranking is high, the flow more naturally. From the tourism website at present, where the network of Shanghai dragon is not much competition (because from the point of view of Shanghai dragon and flow to make tourism website first). So today I did not focus on the analysis of how to go beyond the competitors, but to go beyond their own (to improve Shanghai Longfeng effect on the existing basis).


third, from the analysis of the structure of the station, where the network is the layout of the keywords in the page, the product page position, the content of the user experience is also very good. This shows that the structure of the station where the network is very helpful to improve the keywords ranking.

first, from the analysis of Shanghai Longfeng data, where the network love Shanghai included 10 million 100 thousand, Google included 8 million 210 thousand, indicating where the network content is very much. There are 27181 key words ranking love Shanghai top 50; it shows where the network before the Shanghai dragon well work. Alexa ranking is about 500, which shows that where the network traffic is very high (it is currently the largest flow of tourism websites).

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fourth, from the analysis of the chain, where the network has more than 19333 home chain, the chain of millions of ordinary, love Shanghai domain data 16 million 900 thousand. This shows that where the network chain is strong.

from Shanghai Longfeng technically, where the network of Shanghai dragon has done very well. However, Shanghai dragon is for the purpose of obtaining potential customer orientation, so it can get promotion potential customers can be applied in Shanghai in phoenix. Below I will according to their own experience and understanding of where the network analysis.

from Shanghai Longfeng technically, from the "expansion" Keywords "page structure adjustment" and "perfect" chain ".

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