for the healthy development of the Internet Ecosystem, love Shanghai in the near future for the black hat Shanghai Longfeng site to give punishment, perhaps you will say, they were not cheating nor the use of black hat Shanghai dragon to do stand, but sometimes only a white hat with a black hat Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon only, you may inadvertently love has violated Shanghai’s low line, but I also don’t know, this is a frequent occurrence, therefore, the A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis team suggest that the webmaster friends should use formal methods do not stand, but love is a opportunistic, Shanghai found that there may be K, the loss of natural is not to say, also hope to the webmaster friends far away from the black hat Shanghai dragon.

improve the user’s search experience

some owners use their site of the PR value high, everywhere selling chain, their website hung a lot of low quality sites.

against cheating black hat Shanghai dragon

The Shanghai

many owners love to adjust their own site, the purpose is good, want to improve the user experience of the website or want to Shanghai dragon optimization, but not wanted, frequently on the site to make adjustments, will cause the love interest of Shanghai, and may have been down the right to love Shanghai. For search engines, although some operation do you think it is good for users, but also frequent changes will cause the search engine antipathy, therefore, if the site really think some aspects do particularly well, want to improve the user experience of the website or Shanghai Longfeng optimization, so it is best to tune in the website the situation is relatively stable, don’t make too much change.

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frequent adjustment

webmaster friends all know that in order to improve the user experience of the website, search the same love Shanghai love Shanghai also needs to improve the user’s search experience, I believe that careful webmaster will find that sometimes love Shanghai search, search keywords, some websites return some simply will not open, and the website can open, but the quality of website content is very low, even a lot of content on the Internet is a search a lot, not their own original content, are some content, for this type of site, the Shanghai times gave fervent love included and drop right punishment.

love another mass on many sites were punished, do not know what is love Shanghai database problems, what is the reason, many of the sites included in this update is greatly reduced, according to love Shanghai official said, site queries are currently not accurate included, suggest the webmaster friends with love Shanghai statistical inquiry, but unfortunately, many owners use love Shanghai included statistical query result is still the same, following A5 webmaster Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic team (贵族宝贝yuehuai贵族宝贝/ Shanghai dragon zhenduan/) guess the reason 7.13 love sea update website right down:

love Shanghai