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events, which Wang Sicong frequently appeared in public view, we see that the day before Wang Sicong investment live video App17 for possible jurisprudence problem a few days ago by Apple App Store directly removed, triggered a public hot. Not long ago, Tencent heroes Union four anniversary exhibition, by Jay Chou and Wang Sicong respectively as captain by the public. In the gaming industry, Wang Sicong frequently generous makes it become the object of attention of entrepreneurs and worship. For example, Wang Sicong’s hero has shares of MIPs capital mutual entertainment, the investment amount of 80 million yuan. The day before Wang Sicong founded panda TV let the label on the back of entrepreneurship. Until now, Wang Sicong created from MIPS capital, to the creation of the IG electronic sports club, and then invest the music funny game, wandering holdings, investment Columba, music as sports, in September of this year, Wang Sicong created a game broadcast platform, panda TV and banana program, the industry believes that Wang Sicong in a step by step to build up their own gaming empire.

Wang Sicong, although never lack of topic, but as the image of entrepreneurs began to make it began to be amazing. Can be said that Wang Sicong’s series of events is to completely informal investment in the eyes of the public to improve the image of gongzige. Of course, the industry for having heard it many times is 2013 Wanda chairman Wang Jianlin promised that sentence: "give Wang Sicong 500 million taken 20 times, do well on the back of Wanda office." It can be said that Wang Sicong had on micro-blog to create andridicule completely informal image, so many people waiting to see Wang Sicong family joke, but didn’t think Wang Sicong completed a perfect counter attack. Allegedly Wang Sicong’s MIPS capital over the past 3 years has invested nearly 20 enterprises, of which the music funny game, Fushouyuan Wuxi pilot and other companies have listed, while the Wuxi pilot returns of more than 10 times. His father Wang Jianlin also affirmed Wang Sicong’s performance on different occasions.

industry has been widespread one: people play a company, Wang Jianlin played an industry. No doubt, Wang Sicong inherited the father’s wind. Wang Sicong to create a path in the gaming Empire concept: Panda TV broadcast platform is a core part of the layout of the pan entertainment O2O market, and broadcast platform can get through the game, entertainment, sports and other industrial chain, to get more business synergies. For example, Wang Sicong has established the Shanghai banana plan cultural development Co., Ltd. Shanghai banana plan of sports culture, Shanghai banana program performance brokerage Co. Ltd., Shanghai banana program electronic game Co. Ltd. and Shanghai banana program music Co., involved in sports, entertainment, games and other fields. Panda TV in addition to the content of the game will also be broadcast live pan entertainment content, such as the user will provide concerts, sports events and other forms of live. Panda TV can be used to connect and open up the core of these collaborative industry hub and central link, you can see, Wang Sicong in the game industry