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optimization process to the site location of 2-3 main keywords, other flow from the long tail keywords, long tail is the key part of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, optimization of long tail keywords ranking, naturally bring flow conversion site is very high, the webmaster in flow conversion results during the evaluation is how to evaluate the long tail keywords effect, share several evaluation indicators with you.

different layout to different pages, the site can have multiple pages to be displayed in the search engine, and can obtain the probability of user clicks will improve, not only can attract the spider like on the site, but also to attract users to click on the site, whether it is from the flow volume, or brand building that is beneficial and harmless.


site can not fully test the page keywords to get traffic, more is needed to obtain the corresponding content page long tail word ranking, then improve the long tail word flow conversion, you get more keywords ranking, the website can more flow obtained from the search engine, the more effective page will attract users attention. Each site has 10 pages to get the long tail ranking, than only 5 page ranking site, attract more attention of spiders. At the same time, the corresponding user search keywords, website is also showing high probability. For some of the electricity supplier products website, product page will optimize the layout of a number of long tail words, improve the probability of pages to be indexed to reduce the loss of potential customers.

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site layout of the corresponding evaluation in the long term, the long tail words flow conversion, and the number of independent statistics page is accessed, independent page can get more traffic from search engines, you plan Shanghai Longfeng optimization more successful, if only a small part of the page to the site to search traffic the optimization of the long tail word you basically no conversion. Through the Google analysis tools and statistics is the number of visits, access to the page source, point >

users to search for relevant keywords in the industry, which will have a long tail word how many users will go to search the location of the site, search the long tail word users, how many users will click to enter the site, and is the long tail word access rate. Keywords competition degree between the difficulty of the optimization, the same long tail keywords also have the corresponding index, the proportion of users to search the high index, and the index of small user search naturally. Whether in the evaluation of long tail keywords will bring profits to enterprises, the search index is the evaluation standard, no index, long tail word no user click access rate, even if the optimization of the rankings again good, the enterprise is no traffic conversion rate.

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