two, the difference of the content of manufacturing.


users travel habits with seasonal changes, we need to analyze the user’s demands, so as to meet the needs of many users, so as to enhance the conversion rate of the site, if you are in the hot summer to the user to recommend Hainan tourism, I think the user on your site to vote with their feet.

to fully understand the sprinkler sprinkler on the industry, customers purchase tax issues of great concern, and many users are eager to buy, so we are heading to highlight our sprinkler exempt from purchase tax, and to keep the car supply, which makes our website to get more users attention, this the sprinkler site although only a month on-line, but the sprinkler price ranked fourth, the follow-up should be ranked better. So we should show.

users have to buy a certain type of product, it must have a reason to buy, such as mobile phone users to buy millet, millet mobile phone may be mainly directed the exciting price, exquisite appearance, powerful processors, and if the price of millet mobile phone than apple, that users can no longer select millet. Another example is the sprinkler I engaged in this industry, now the national truck manufacturers, competition is very fierce, the search of the sprinkler users is mainly to see the actual effect diagram of each manufacturer of the sprinkler work, in order to make a comparison, and then if we appear sprinkler video site, it can meet the user demand. The user needs analysis we can love from Shanghai or Shanghai love related search drop-down box you can see some tips, such as tourism industry in the winter, the biggest user demand is the Yunnan tourism, if we go to a publicity on Yunnan tourism information on the website, you will get more users, so the search engine weight given the higher. This is also in love in Shanghai can be seen in the relevant search:

is a website to remember is not the place with others website content, but your site provides out of the ordinary content, if your website and the competitor is the homogenization of content, then why should the user buy you something? You must have a reason to let users buy your product. But the difference is the premise of making the contents of your industry to fully understand, so as to control. For example, our company do the sprinkler site to make full use of the different marketing, please see below:

The transformation of

website is our ultimate goal to do Shanghai dragon, if a site no conversion rate, even if your traffic is high, there is no significance, so enhance the site’s conversion rate directly determines the value of Shanghai dragon. So how to improve the conversion rate of the site, this is what I want to talk to you today about the contents of.

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, first of all to the user needs analysis.