anchor text in links like tittle in the same important, in fact the anchor text there is consensus. Love from Shanghai search engine optimization guide 2 which is also pointed out that such a sentence: the anchor text is to a web page describing the only reference factors. It is with the keywords ranking relationship is also known to people, so how to make the anchor text keywords get good rankings? (the following is the anchor text optimization guide section 2 inside Shanghai Love Description:

Links is a station outside the anchor text link, and we in the Links is more easy to make for the anchor text with the same keyword error. Here is a famous master case, for he Links exchange is to adopt different long tail keywords as anchor text to improve the ranking of words.

external anchor text link building is actually very similar to ordinary Shanghai, the construction of the chain, but here we have exquisite. The search engine to optimize a site can be natural, not too obviously artificial. We will not discuss too obvious artificial will be search engine punishment, directly from this natural process. The anchor text of nature, in fact is the anchor text substantially different, but related, so a large number of uniform anchor text is that we should avoid. However, we often only a few keywords list of core, it is easy to cause a lot of the same anchor text, so with more long tail keywords to do the anchor text is what we want to operate.

for sitelinks approach is usually the core of some key words list in the chain construction. Is the construction of the chain is really only in this way can it? The answer is no.. Related reading is the title of the article between the construction of the chain, but the article is not a title can be summed up, which we can also find some other long tail keywords, these long tail keywords is key to our anchor text location. 100 people have 100 Hamlett, 100 people also read an article of understanding is also different, so the long tail is somewhat different. We can use different articles with a long tail keywords links, of course, these long tail is associated with this article. Then put these long tail spread in other articles inside the site, thus forming the chain construction.

two, outside the station anchor text operation

we all know the anchor text, also know as anchor text should use different keywords, but often at the time of the operation not to consider, even taking into account the external and internal website did not consider the weight, Notes website promotion is the combination of internal and external factors. The Taobao crown shop 贵族宝贝jgdq.org exclusive feeds, reproduced please leave links, thank you

, a station anchor text operation