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is honest do the content, get the trust of the search engine to constantly enrich the content of the original. No search engines do not love, not eager to get rich the content of the one and only, because the search engine is based on the content. Leave, there is no way to retrieve the user adequate quality of the information, the search engine will be gradually abandoned by the user. The reality is that a lot of website production and optimize the staff name, skill, is actually a malicious cater to the search algorithm, or use the search engine algorithm is not perfect place to enhance the ranking. These techniques and methods, in a short period of time may have the effect, short-term pleasure but also for many website design and optimization are more than happy to chase. But due to violation of the search engine business rules and the principles of fairness and justice, and constantly improve the search algorithm, is also expected to be punished. So, be honest no matter what time is, the optimization criterion must be followed.

search engine every time a substantial update, will cause a few happy tears, relative to fluctuate uncertain, can obtain the fixed rankings and stable weight site less and less. But a real quality website, is rich in quality based on content, and constantly adjust the search engine algorithm is based on the content. Since both nature and purpose are the same, then the reason of unstable ranking is only one, that is the technique or method has a problem. Last August, I wrote an article called "the website optimization effect under the sun more ideal more lasting" experience of articles, think site optimization must be based on transparent and under the sun, the sun to see the direction, also can be more safe, quick strides. Website optimization under the sun, because it is built on the basis of the above enrich website content, also can only be spoiled feel at ease without fear.

optimization method can lead to heart was born? Is not the practice of the sun. Since March, the love of Shanghai and Google have conducted large-scale update, first is to substantially reduce the number of links (that is because search engines began to substantially eliminate duplicate content, due to the soft link decline is normal), then the content included is also unprecedented attaches great importance to the original. Especially Google, high-quality original content rich website, obtained the corresponding reasonable position in this update. The same, similar to copy and pseudo original content of the website, and links to obtain and maintain links through batch tools, in this update most are different degree right down. In the website optimization process especially in the large-scale search engine updates, not be complacent that guilty, guilty because there are no honest, to deceive the search engine.

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if by some skills, can in order to deceive a surreptitious search.

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two, the user is the root user experience can not be ignored