this is a month after the picture


National Day 8 days off, 3 days before the visit, the remaining 5 days to plan this station.

first station;


2. links. The link is not stable, a commonplace talk of an old scholar, has been in decline, ranking has fluctuation, the link increased steadily, ranking also rising steadily. The suggestion here is, I can give up essential forum, you can do a few a week, because the forum replies stability is desired, then the search engine.

A month before the

with a friend, he said the goal now is to keep weight 4, weight for 5.


in December, the weight of up to 3.

as you can see, this loving couple relative to last month, the chain number from 3 to 15, compared with the previous month increased 5, see 7 click into the Links, other website weight and PR with this site, to see the friends of the chain is not more better from this aspect. The new station is not only through the purchase of the chain and is in the website to hang black chain, a short time to get a good weight. These words are basically there is a certain love index in Shanghai, many of them popular words, of course there are some long tail words, in general is good, and has just started, so the demand is not so high, later there is still much room for improvement.

Probably in October 8th officially launched .

chain I will not say, everyone is repeated in doing, I can only say that the two key.

November 1st, the website weight rose to 2. I wrote in a blog at the time: net weight 2 loving couple.


The conventional

for a long time did not write the article, in the upcoming work on the occasion, a new station, to talk about a friend today, more than three months, the query by the webmaster tools, weight is four, I know that this is not the official Shanghai love weight weight, but also has the reference value. Two months ago, I also have released a new one month weight rose 2 to two months up to the right of the 3 articles is also a wise remark of an experienced person, the station reported. Today to honor the right of 4, the revolution is not successful, comrades still have to work hard.

The stability of

to write a simple website development.

January 9th, Shanghai love weight up to 4.

2013, a new year

1. Links export control, ranging from less, the most important quality.

so what did I do?