2. click go in, look at the picture of the source of information. The following figure, we can see a map of information right. From this figure, we can see that this is love Shanghai pictures included product map is from the B2B platform.


3. image tag description, the description is concise.

1. this picture is just the right size

first, the reverse thinking method

2. pictures with love Shanghai grab order

love Shanghai will sum up three points, choose the best picture for you first show. Total signs: the size of the picture must be appropriate, because it is too small to affect the picture clarity. Do not meet the proportion does not grab grab, because of excessive deformation. So the picture must be greater than 121*75px and not too large, but also conforms to the proportion, ensure the pictures appear in Shanghai there is no deformation index of love. The most important.


how to make the enterprise product pictures appear in love I think this is the sea, many Shanghai dragon Er often confused problem. We all know that Shanghai can make love pictures included product pictures, largely contributes to the enterprise order rate. Why do you say so? Because for hardware products and friends of Taobao, some users want to find a product, he will direct the search query of what it wants in the love of Shanghai pictures, and contact the seller to talk. Therefore to upload pictures to the Shanghai love space has become one of Shanghai dragon marketing now. So how to effectively put the enterprise product pictures uploaded to the Shanghai love in the picture? Here we follow up a love network operation:

1. in Shanghai love to enter the name of product image search bar, view the search results, find their own product pictures.


3. find the keywords are love Shanghai pictures included from which platform, this platform has the characteristics of what to write. We conclude that these platforms are the weights of the high platform (such as: Simon, HC international, a hundred responses to a single call, Sina blog, etc.) and size of the picture is almost the same and the picture is clear, larger than 121*75px, less than 1600*1200.

note: these two points above stated previously that

we can see that when we search for images by keywords, love Shanghai picture is just a link, we see the map is the site, and the site has a certain weight and activity. Then love Shanghai according to what picture judgment? In addition to the size of the picture and clarity, love Shanghai will read each ALT according to the picture, the picture is closest to your keywords priority to show you; but if you have all the pictures containing key words, collation picture index is so in love with Shanghai what kind of