to stable website keywords must prepare daily inspection work, the optimization of time must not worry, step by step. In addition, the new station link do not buy, because the station link operation is not good, will cause the website keyword ranking fell. Please note: 贵族宝贝

fourth, website link to external instability

before my website snapshot has been normal, snapshot up every three days, so I started to slow down the pace of information to update the site, but the site to replace the server, that is to say the site for IP, after the site to replace the IP snapshot will generally slow, then you need to update the diligent, and I can’t aware of this, made optimization taboo.

server security risks and the stability of

third, Links website implicated

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server is a solid skeleton of many well-known sites, only a stable and secure server to ensure the normal operation of the site, because the site is my server safety performance is not high, not hard, the server is attacked, the site was forced to replace the server.

for the website optimization personnel is the most headache thing is the website keyword ranking fell five, recently my website keyword ranking all down, there are two sites of love Shanghai has fallen to a weight (I use the third party software), so the people fret, but after this period of observation I finally found the reason, decline in the rankings, then I will cause your site ranking fell to say, look after you don’t go my way out.

website optimization is the site link between each other in order to transfer the weight, improve the site keywords ranking, I bought a lot of high weight links, which bought several station link, who expect one of the high weight of the site is Shanghai station link love down the right, all are not included, this means that I lost a large number of external links the site, the site outside the chain is not stable.

love Shanghai has not yet officially launched the weight, so I have been using third party tools to check the weight, when the website keyword ranking fell, I use Chinaz to check their Links, found that many sites keywords decline, and even some site snapshot serious setback.

second, not timely updated website content

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