from Shanghai Longfeng perspective, in the chain weight continuously "devaluation" today, such a high quality of soft Wen Shanghai dragon with the chain will import more high-quality website traffic, so to attract users to click frequent outside chain in different regions will be search engine with special respect to improve web search engine, the purpose of weight this high quality; and Shanghai dragon soft at this stage for the website promotion, has a more realistic significance, it will not only allow more people to understand and enter your site, and will allow more users to effectively remember your site name and domain name.


but this requirement to realize this, only in-depth study of our professional services, in-depth understanding of our different groups of user needs, grasp the industry dynamics, carefully study the pondering with website unique selling point, is likely to reach such.

only truly such professional depth but not without highbrow, formidable technology eight stocks style; both the public demand and not superficial; emotionally close to the user but not enough to make people feel greasy, can really win a wider readership potential target customers. What aspects of the different requirements of the audience to feel the benefit".

is really a good quality soft Wen (Shanghai Longfeng submission, whether industry authority website or forum marketing quiz Website Marketing), should be soft content is more users, is the maximum transmission and display target by more websites, and even some professional website in the first page (or important page) significant position to recommend, the reader thread, comment more, while users in various forms to recommend more friends.

but to truly achieve the promotion of such soft Wen Shanghai dragon and the Shanghai dragon effect of double purpose, "to take the first" content, "the emotional nature, to help the reader, a prerequisite to resonate with readers is a must.

love Shanghai official said, the Shanghai dragon soft Wen is able to continue to guide the readers to gain the content of "re creation, and win more users recommend high-quality original content.

for Shanghai dragon bridge in small and medium-sized site of Shanghai Longfeng thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers today, soft writing has attracted more and more attention Shanghai dragon ER are – but it must be pointed out that the Shanghai dragon is not only soft and with a chain, not by the site administrator think you must delete the AD on the Everything will be fine.

to make the most of the potential user groups "useful", eyes bright, first of all from the topic must choose the most readers interested in the topic, and to enrich the content must be in writing, writing in the new view, taking into account the target user groups of different levels of audience demand.