Abstract: after a lapse of twelve years, the Ministry of education for the first time the revised "Regulations" management of college students: students can keep the admission to the business, after admission can also apply for suspension in entrepreneurship; entrepreneurship and published papers, patents, and related studies such as, can be converted into credits; if school entrepreneurship, the longest can separate provisions years of study.

want to do poineering work and worry miss school? It was hard to refuse to accept the punishment of school university? Nowhere to say? After a lapse of nearly 12 years, the Ministry of education for the first time the revised "Regulations" management of colleges and universities students, some of the hot issues of social concern and make system specification. After experiencing the failure of entrepreneurship, Wang returned to Tsinghua University last spring to complete the graduation thesis. He used to love to describe their entrepreneurial impulse: "at the beginning, we are holding a cavity blood, thinking certainly no problem."

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suspension entrepreneurship with system security

in recent years, the upsurge of innovation and entrepreneurship has attracted more and more young people. However, entrepreneurial success is not as simple as imagined. Young entrepreneurs need to "trial and error" opportunity, once the business failure also need to have the opportunity to return to school.

Ministry of education departments responsible person, the newly revised "ordinary college student management regulations" to give suspension entrepreneurship institutional guarantee: the new can apply to keep the admission to innovation and entrepreneurship, after school can also apply for suspension of entrepreneurship; participate in innovation activities and published papers, patents and professional learning, etc. academic requirements related experience and achievements can be converted into credits; for students who leave school business, the longest period of study can separate provisions.

analysis: stimulating students’ creativity

face off the choice of entrepreneurship, some teachers and parents are worried that this will More haste, less speed.? Each phase should do a good job in this stage of things, go to school to learn, and then go to the harbor school, may have no mind to learn.

, a University official said, this does not mean that the call of the school students went to school business, but to give schools more autonomy, inspire the creativity of students, encourage students to better integrate academic and entrepreneurial.

, vice president of China University of Political Science and Law professor Madehuai thought, to explore innovative credit conversion system in Colleges and universities, to help the students to theoretical knowledge combined with social practice; and allow students drop out flexible educational system for those interested in entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial students as soon as possible without worries.

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