The snapshot

second: website snapshot of how to do

is so important, you’ll notice that your website snapshot is new in the exchange of a chain, a snapshot of the date can also account for the weight of the website, the weight of the high site is updated snapshot overnight, and the stability of the site, you do not update the article, but also the snapshot will be updated. The snapshot not update how to do

website yesterday or overnight, today the correction, in this, the webmaster is very depressed, how to solve the file

: first, update the original content, not updated snapshot, probably did not come up to your spider station, or is the quality of your content is not high, so the update of the original high quality content is preferred. Secondly, the site title change, site stability, site do not often change the search engine just contains your keywords, you change the keywords, so he again on your site assessment, which will cause the spiders don’t climb, website snapshot not update. Finally: the website chain. Correlation between the friends of the chain will also give the website snapshot not update great factors, so not updated snapshot to remember the chain check, do not for one reason. We.

: first check the website keywords, often do not change. Take my site optimization, the excellent keywords changed before site optimization, although the website content has been included, but also are excellent when the change after the title of the article included only rarely, so will snapshot because I changed the site of title, leading to the site is not stable, so the website is not much problem, often do not change keywords. Secondly, the stability of web space. If the site is not stable, often not open, the spider to your station, couldn’t get in, then how to grab your station content, so the webmaster don’t give yourself money in space. Finally, the web site of the chain. The content of the website construction of the chain is the site after the snapshot, the construction of the chain, don’t forget to do, an appropriate increase in the weight of the website chain, especially the site of soft outside the chain, the weight is high, at the same time, you also don’t forget to increase the anchor text effectively within the chain for myself the station, increase the user experience.

: the first website snapshot not update how to do

website optimization? Why website snapshot

third: site website home page is not the first to do

webmaster website maintenance is really very hard, after today will think tomorrow will update the snapshot, your website will increase, and ranking will rise? These problems plagued the webmaster every day in Shanghai yesterday, day update, blog also encountered a snapshot of the variable, the correction to the No. 15, this makes me very depressed, depressed I have to think of ways to solve the. For the novice webmaster how to deal with the problem of

included the webmaster every day to see the site, site site, suddenly found the site home page is not the first, for the novice webmaster.

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