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command. Love Shanghai site to judge the weight of the site. You can directly enter in the search box: love Shanghai site:www.xxx贵族宝贝 domain name can be seen after the collection of this website. When the front page of the site in the first time, the weight on behalf of this website is very good. Good website content and the chain can only when the members of the Shanghai dragon. If the website is not ranked in the home, there may be the site down the right, or has been punished and the home page is K! We need specific analysis of the reasons in the face of such a situation.

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from the site keywords ranking to check the weight is a popular, as long as your site has not been K or not punished, are available through the ranking of keywords to check their website weight and others gap weight when keywords ranking is relatively stable and the ranking is also very good condition on behalf of the website is good. When the weight is relatively large fluctuations in the website ranking indicates that the site is very low, it needs the further optimization of

usually affect the weight of the website in three aspects: the first aspect is the content of the web site; second is the internal structure of the site; the chain is the site of the third. Shanghai Longfeng members just do the three aspects of the work will be able to effectively enhance the site’s weight. Shanghai Longfeng members must find the exact weight of the site before the three aspects of the work. The following four methods can accurately check the web site of the weight:

when the website snapshot update faster or web page in the search engine included time is shorter, the weights are representative of the site is more high. For example: if the updated content in the day or the next update update included also included that the weight of the site is relatively high.

second: update from the website snapshot to view the website weight

know the weight of the website is very important for a Shanghai Longfeng specialist, because it can help to find the direction of Shanghai Longfeng specialist. When you find the weight of the low need to take the time to optimize the weights, of course work better. Because of the high weight site is easy to get the favour of search engine, the updates will also be included in.

view site? When we see the ranking in the search engine home on behalf of the weight is relatively high. Did Shanghai Longfeng optimization know part of the site is ranked in many pages later, what reason is this? When you find the website ranking on the first time to consider is how to understand the weight of these sites, and then find out the site in the Shanghai dragon in the optimization of defects which, looking for after the need for timely repair, so as to increase the weight of the site.

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