many companies go love optimization shortcut, just a certain network, software trap, brush keyword tool, is the internal program or some network company to develop or purchase a brush keywords ranking tools on the Internet, and then a variety of packaging, can be said, in a short period of time, to make the web site keywords ranking the home page, and even can help enterprises optimize thousands or tens of thousands of keywords in the home, there is so much, the search engine rules useless, and damage to the natural optimization ranking of the fair, and damage the interests of the search engine.

software brush site keywords ranking

02, the effect is poor, flicker component

04, easy to search engine punishment

01, high fees, fees and more

Site optimization means of regular

introduction: each web site operators, want to search engine to be able to love their own website, more keywords ranking on the home page, and keep, in order to create this effect, and is not a short duration of time can be realized, many webmaster to adhere to the days and months multiplying; down fast ranking software attracted away keyword ranking shortcuts, but behind the existence of the hidden depth today Xiaobian with you in detail.

 The influence of

03, ranking only temporarily

software is the use of brush ranking search engine optimization exploits artificial intervention, although the ranking of keywords play a certain effect, but the duration is very short, as long as the search engine algorithm update keywords suddenly hundreds of outside to go, let you be taken by surprise, will also cause the website to search engine friendly, later want to optimize. More trouble, so the website operator must know clearly, this approach is not desirable, don’t steal a lazy.

now the search engine algorithm is more and more perfect, more and more frequent updates, in order to establish a fair system of keyword ranking optimization, search engine companies are constantly looking for loopholes, update algorithm for some optimization does not follow the rules, using the software brush keyword ranking website, key pressure, light site right down, fell into the hundreds of key words besides, can directly be pulled into the black list, the website was not in search engines, which means that the previous work is in vain, serious impact on the enterprise network marketing work, The loss outweighs the gain.

05, once being punished, it is difficult to restore


search engine to punish the illegal operation is very heavy, as long as the site was found using this.

, do not need too much cost, as long as the artificial software; keyword ranking brush tool, different networks, different development technology, not the same effect, charges are different, according to the website construction company depth network Xiaobian know, some network company is the annual fee, some of the network company a quarterly fee, some network company is according to the keywords charges, in short, add up to the price lower than the bid are expensive.