1. sites included the number declined sharply.

2. web site included only home page.

3. single or multiple keyword ranking volatility.


4. website completely disappeared.

drop right?

in addition to special circumstances what other conditions can result in the

760 do not know if you have seen. The phenomenon is whether your site included the number of pages. Included always show only 760. I was this. Operation. I was with the two level domain name, and then collected a large amount of articles about ten, then because the two level domain name is K, put all the articles to the main domain name under the. Then, after a month, there are 760 phenomena. The 760 to six months. Back to recover.


first we look at the site after the drop right performance?

ER in Shanghai Longfeng operation site, will inevitably encounter "awful" things ", is a return to the liberation of the situation, in most cases, causing the site to drop right and other factors, analyses the focus today network sword is of particular concern to everyone, because of its roots at bury the hatchet!

09 years to do a certain medical site, in order to improve the home page of the update, I use a method, put two large pieces of the home page, with the random mode to call. The two pieces of the proportion is about 30%. The second day, my home was K. Third days, I have removed the random articles. Then I thought it back home, fourth days to add random articles. Then it was K. The fifth day and the random article removed, and then recovered. Then don’t try. Personally think that is because you love the sea Geneva page updated too fast. Every time.

to talk about some special cases before the network operation site with the sword.

: the first large random article in K

: first love Shanghai 11 phenomenon I most often to the 11 is the black chain, suddenly a lot of black chain easily on the 11.

second: 760

appeared after 760, I was the acquisition mode change. The completely artificial way to collect, the modified head to tail, the middle synonym special characters processing. The chain do less. Also set up a special directory. Create new words every day. This is the new love in Shanghai did not appear before. For example: "with this new law". Then, to create the. Shanghai original love cheat. When I use this in several ways, after half a year, this phenomenon was cancelled 760. To solve this might not be the reason. But when asked many master. Are at a loss what to do. We can only find some way to try. When we meet some problems, can use other methods, can also for oneself to think reasonable to try.