as a professional optimization personnel in Shanghai Longfeng, for medical and food industry website optimization capability is not enough, in order to develop their own industries, in this period of time has been optimized and the maintenance of the type of travel website. Know Shanghai Longfeng optimization strategy to website operation closely, but because just set foot in tourism sites, so I took a long time to practice and experience. At the same time I also hope to share their experience to more Shanghai dragon er.

, a website for the optimization of the structure of

finally, is to optimize the time for navigation, navigation and position is still.

A: home owners, location and navigation optimization

first, in the optimization of the main navigation, the author deliberately do very obvious, because the tourism industry website to give maximum user experience, so the long tail word tourism industry into the main navigation, let visitors first sight to see what they are looking for content, but also facilitate the spider through these main navigation the words were crawling on the station.


then, to optimize the position of the navigation in the navigation on the home page, "tourism destination classification" is the overall outline, can be used as a site map, can also be used as navigation, when visitors enter the home and can even see to click on the position. And these words are on the position of the navigation through the target keywords to deployment, such as: Huangguoshu Waterall, Chishui scenic area, Fanjing Mountain Resort, is one of the target keywords, so to optimize target keyword function.

site internal structure optimization is the core the overall site optimization, then the optimization of internal structure of the following optimization scheme is given to guide Shanghai love optimization optimization, and optimization out of the internal effects and other tourist site, the effect is the same, I think you want to do is not only the tourism website is the one and only the style, but also follow the love of Shanghai ranked first in the tourism network, since this will be Guizhou travel the most incisive internal structure optimization.



I think, for the optimization of tourism website type is nothing but so few points: the station structure optimization, optimization, the chain of the chain and every day in this analysis, the author takes Guizhou tourism network as an example, the first time to optimize the website of the Shanghai Phoenix experience to share with you.

for 301, 404 and three labels, site map, absolute address and relative address, ALT tag or URL pseudo static, here I will not nonsense, these are do website optimization Shanghai dragon must understand, the author will first structure optimization home to share with you.