your home of course should be aimed at the more popular keywords among this industry (Note: as said earlier, it is not too broad). In order to attract the largest possible the most potential users of your website to the main keyword coverage target also should not be too small. For example, our English website main keywords is Singapore web hosting, we have neither to aim at web hosting, but not to cheap web hosting targeting Singapore.

not too broadKeywords



suddenly found such an important issue had not talked about.


choice should be more specific, targeted.

today mainly talk about the main principles of selecting the appropriate keywords.

many do Shanghai Longfeng company play lies in this, they guarantee ranking, but that is a long word.

to the front row, this kind of search words to the user is not clear. Search for real estate, his purpose is to buy a house? It is hard to say! So the word brings flow is the goal of the poor, into the possibility of order is very low, so this kind of too broad keywords are relatively low efficiency.

keyword selection should begin before the start of web design. If the improper selection of keywords, the consequences could be disastrous. You may choose the keywords very few people to search, then your ranking is again high, traffic will not be large. Keywords the wrong may affect the content of your writing to the whole website to correct is not a light.

not to your company name for main words, no one will search your company name.

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website operator designers too familiar with their industry and their products, in the choice of keywords, easy to feel some most probably it did not actually happen is the user will search keywords, but the user thinking and taking real.

thinking in view of the user station

is too broad keyword competition too great, want to be in this words like real estate (real estate), ad (advertising) (travel), tourism industry and so on to the top ten or top twenty, we spend probably not but the millions of thousands of tens of thousands, million dollars.

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this week to focus on the key problems.


I met so many customers want to aim too broad, such as real estate company, he went to real estate for the word optimization, advertising companies want to optimize the word advertisement. To be sure, you basically can forget this keyword.

flagship is not suitable for too long too special