two: intitle intitle: the number of results, compared to the direct instruction of search keywords is more accurate, because of the direct search results when the return is the keyword keyword appears in return results the overall content of the page on the website or page title did not appear the words, is likely to appear in the key words, occasionally described in the example: "sad" of the word, a sentence: I was sick, I’m sorry. Two sentence: my front door big ditch is very wide, it is difficult for me to the past. The same is sad, but it is a difference between words and two words. So, the two sentence "sad" is not the word to optimize. You can take it out of the competition. Give a word to explain: intitle instruction, love Shanghai: "the results of intitle:PBA cosmetics" find 2220, love Shanghai "PBA cosmetics" search results for 1333000. So when the number of search results intitle instruction plays a very important role in judging. >

Shanghai dragon is a web site to the success of the foundation, the success of the Shanghai dragon core keywords accurately. If you choose keywords cannot be accurate, will face the danger of naught. The search index is high, the degree of competition is the core of our small standard keyword selection, and commercial value, long tail keywords plasticity and so on and so on the other standard. A keyword index can be provided through the search engine index query tool, at a glance, the data is also very accurate, index query page such as love Shanghai is provided by 贵族宝贝index.baidu贵族宝贝. Keywords relative index, judging the degree of competition is a key that is more complex. The judgment angle varied, each angle cannot be accurate and complete to explain the degree of competition of the keywords. This is unable to determine the degree of competition will change with a variety of other factors, such as the Shanghai dragon level competition, users of the word in the objective factors such as volatility. Based on these reasons I work by Shanghai dragon years with subjective experience summed up the following criteria and I hope to help you in the choice of words.

: the number of search results, search a keyword search engine returns a page number of results, the number of results is the search engine all pages through a series of work that participate in the search term in competition, of course if the numerical value is greater, indicating the degree of competition of the word more. When viewing the search results to the commercial value of combination of judgment and keywords. Love Shanghai for example search "hello" "eat" "sleep" and other common words when the number of search results reached the pinnacle of a total of about 100000000 to find relevant results. Although the number, but had no value. If you search for "how to buy Gleevec" to find relevant results about 52800, this is a cure for cancer, although few search results, but the commercial value is very high. So when the search results still need Different people, different views.