Abstract: now more and more retail stores closed, the rapid growth of the amount of e-commerce transactions, e-commerce is certainly no way out, the future must be online led. There are also views that the vast majority of enterprises do electricity supplier is a loss, e-commerce is a false prosperity, it should be under the lead line.


a few days ago to attend a seminar, the organizers in order to set up a beautiful scene, PK link, select a controversial topic, divided the participants into the Affirmative, let them debate which is right and which is wrong. This topic is "the retail industry in the future is the leading online or offline leading?" something was wrong with me to see this topic, the application requirements is neutral for the commentators, views, and comment on both sides.

positive and negative sides launched a heated debate.

line leading views about as follows: now more and more retail store closed, the rapid growth of e-commerce transaction amount, no electronic commerce is certainly no way out, the future is the leading online.

line leading views are as follows: about the vast majority of enterprise business losses, electronic commerce is a false prosperity, the store shopping experience is irreplaceable, should the line leading.

indeed, this debate just confirms my concern before, both sides are very complex to fall into the pit: the seemingly very intense debate, but speak the same language, who cannot persuade. A lot of debate is usually that way, seemingly diametrically opposed, each of the truth, but there is no substantive confrontation, often talking. The reason, the pros and cons of the two sides discussed the problem is likely to be a pseudo problem.

my other identity is the private board presided over, a major use of the private sector is to clarify the real problem. Many people often tangled problems are often some symptoms, they often do not clarify the problem, it gives advice and answers. Ask the question answer contrast is more important, if the problem is not true, that itself is meaningless, when the right question, the answer is apparent. So I started a series of questions.

What is the role of

in the retail business in the value chain? This is a good question to answer: a business is to create and transfer value system, R & D and manufacturing belong to the value creation process we often say, and marketing and sales is the value delivery. Drucker said entrepreneurs should be most concerned about the two thing is innovation and marketing, from the value creation and value transfer of two levels.

from the consumer point of view, the retail can be divided into several aspects of this problem is not difficult to answer: mainly divided into pre-sale sale of three links. Pre sale is mainly to attract consumers, that is, we usually say "diversion". The process of selling is the process of dealing with consumers, including trading, payment and delivery. Customer service is included in the aftermarket