used to have a very good shopping site in front of me, I did not cherish, until this time to fall in love with the sea site K off I was too late for regrets, the most painful thing in the world. Love Shanghai, you K off nine pieces of mail, without hesitation! If God can give me another chance, I would tell the website nine Post said: I will insist on doing Shanghai dragon. If the instructions in the Shanghai dragon above, I hope…… Shanghai dragon white hat

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this time included, I think through the blog to the drainage. I chose Chinese large blog about 30, two articles updated every day, without the use of chain, the direct use of single chain to nine post website, adhering to the operation about two weeks, and then publish the article, basically an hour will be included. The use of pseudo original, selection of related industries, a week before the articles are not linked, just add Links blog page. At second weeks the article add a link. However, the domestic situation, basically it is difficult to add blog links through or delete articles, however, there are still some large blog links retained.

From the analysis on the nine

, wrote a story about nine pieces of Mail website Shanghai dragon "on the analysis of the nine post navigation website Taobao discount optimization analysis" published in the above A5. There are nine pieces of mail to the website of the Shanghai dragon operation, including the analysis of the basis of site analysis of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai Longfeng station outside the station and Shanghai Longfeng analysis. Some of the details about which it is today, I have been trying to solve the problem, as said: what can save you, my love is the sea K off site.

In fact, before Leo

Oh, entertainment, ease the sorrow of the heart, believe that since the last three months is sex Shanghai Shanghai Longfeng personnel painful period, Leo is the same. The company has two main sites, is a steady progress, and the other one is in love with the sea K off, since this site is love Shanghai K off, I have been studying how to put it out.

and Leo with a look at the site of historical data: 贵族宝贝tool.chinaz贵族宝贝/history/? Domain=www.***贵族宝贝, which can be seen from the historical data in July 30th, 31, in fact, nine pieces of mail site has been in love with the sea put out, or is love Shanghai lifted, but soon he was in love with the sea off K.

block inside the post website last time, referred to the station outside the station and the problem is because shopping related websites, so companies should pay special attention to the user experience of the website, a simple example: when the website is normal, I propose to add Links website the module exchange Links and some related industry site, because the chain > this website