custom work target

into the Shanghai dragon team, supervisor for all staff in Shanghai dragon to customize a goal. For example, the chain promotion within a year to launch ten thousand, or six months to help the website keyword optimization to the first page. Of course, we say that Shanghai Longfeng work target customization, the need to customize according to their own team, also cannot set unrealistic goals under some, usually charge before the heart of Shanghai Longfeng custom work has several objectives.

The concrete plan of

station optimization record

general staff allocation is decided by the Shanghai dragon director personally, some people with editing, some artists, these personnel mobilization and allocation also belongs to a part of enterprise workflow in Shanghai dragon. If a director of Shanghai dragon has no experience, to mobilize ordinary or uneven distribution of workload, will lead to serious cooperation and solidarity of Shanghai dragon team, so to assign staff to mobilize, to consider.

improve the standardization work, many novice.

director of Shanghai Longfeng custom when the target work, will enter the specific working flow of Shanghai dragon. What do you mean? You shall within one year issued 10 thousand outside the chain, so the day is about 30 outside the chain, if there are two responsible for station promotion personnel in the Shanghai dragon team, so the daily workload is to ensure that the 15 chain is included. For example, do the bidding personnel must be good planning prices every day, and even to change the price, to save money as a planning and statistics. We have called these specific plan objectives in custom. While enterprises in Shanghai Longfeng work process, every drops belong to the concrete plan.

In the

personnel assigned

types of standardized

do not know how many webmaster work in Shanghai Longfeng company, the author before a medical investment company had. A lot of liquidity in Shanghai dragon company practitioners is very large, but almost every company has its own optimization of Shanghai Longfeng work process, can make each specific job requirements assigned to every employee, and today I share their view of a complete workflow is how Shanghai dragon the.

is a member of the first team as the Shanghai dragon, you will find that the station optimization employees have a habit of recording, yes, this is the station optimization record form. In the process of Web site operators, you need to record the proportion of beds in keyword search volume, core keyword search volume, conversion rate. In the station optimization, you add an article or delete a station in the station to Shanghai Longfeng personnel records down, because all the changes are for the Shanghai dragon ranking, and recorded in order to facilitate viewing data, to the analysis of the current Shanghai Shanghai dragon head dragon ranking algorithm level fluctuation.