search engine itself does not have the ability to distinguish the original. They all know that, the different weights of the site, the spider crawling frequency of love of Shanghai is not the same, some sites immediately can be included, the site is a few hours or the next day will be included, not to mention those days included. The contents of the reprint, almost can be done in a few seconds, the spider cannot give any article in a correct time label. So, let the search engine to determine the original basic weight is high site dominant.

today to see someone say W3SO was easy to be collected after the railway station K. Just start to feel some unbelievable, after all, the Internet now, one of the information reproduction is still the main content. The small website does not have content creation conditions, especially the forum and blog site for free, good content, to turn is also common. Even some well-known forum, will find that some of the posts are most users to transfer from other site. Obviously, the website is collected is thought to be copied reproduced his website content, the original reproduced, reproduced the original. Then think about it, since the June Shanghai love update algorithm, does a lot of the original site is down right by K, it is not surprising. That nonsense like behavior, who had.

new assessment period is too long, not only by the original acquisition can be considered. We all know that new sites have several months of assessment period, fast, from the line on the website, to the inside pages included at least ten days to day update soon to be close to a month or so. This month’s article, if weight high website reprint, and other sites to collect weight high website content, the article when you put out, is the basic Internet everywhere "junk" article. For this one in the assessment period for the website, how much influence behavior. If so, it is better to fight rather than some others cannot read out spell content, at least not to let oneself become a collection of web to reprint.

blog was almost 100% times the original collection, "

cannot distinguish original cases, love Shanghai to crack down on the low quality, content acquisition, replication site. Perhaps there are many webmaster has to love Shanghai emphasis on the original site should be favored, and often with the original website why ranking but not reproduced website "to love for Shanghai, love the sea under this pressure, made for the original article of the rules when updating algorithm. Love Shanghai official forum at the end of August posted "love Shanghai algorithm upgrade, will affect the cheating site included and ranking" low quality sites, one of which is even readable, but most of the article is collected, copied from other websites, no original content itself." Obviously, those websites mistakenly K basically belong to this one. Can not accurately judge who the original case, love Shanghai do so severe punishment, basic can make new sites from inception in the name of the hollow crown.