is the last time I cut the figure at noon, instant at noon of the day included but has been as high as 390 thousand, now I am at 12 cut the figure, can be included on the day was 330 thousand, the collection has been obviously behind. Finally, I inquired before registered micro-blog rankings, found that only one is ranking, but it is my only set up the personality domain, but also specially produced.

ads included time determines the micro-blog included time, after a few minutes after the last are included, while micro-blog was also included, I quickly went to the ranking results came in only third pages, because words do not heat, arguably the first page is in doubt before this, much hotter than words can be in the home. Although not ideal, but the ranking is better than none. Now the weight of Sohu micro-blog has obviously been reduced, here is a look at some of the specific data.


and micro-blog is to copy the address everywhere the hair of the chain spider, I also like the original first to love Shanghai Post Bar, Post Bar weights should be basically in the seconds as everyone knows, state, but many advertisement is not good, I have a love Shanghai account is harmonious, but a re registration can continue to send, but they also don’t delete the previous posting record. But today in the Post Bar post actually not, estimation is directly blocked, as long as the content in the web site, directly blocked, I randomly tried a few seconds of the Post Bar are the same, when it is not possible that some shielding is not necessarily. Finally, it MEIZHE, can only go to the A5 forum advertising area made a poster, in order to ensure that can be included and I love Shanghai is also specially for a long post to send.

today happened to meet a good word, want to use micro-blog to push, why have a good word to push it, because I see many people in the crazy registered Sohu micro-blog, no matter what, as long as it can bring the flow of words to do, such as the 2011 high pass composition, but my link after it was found that the play is actually slimming products, like this promotion is really no what meaning, so that only have a good word I will use micro-blog Sohu. Step with the original, first registered 163 mailboxes, and then activate the micro-blog, fill in the long term, a set of information, finally send several micro-blog ads.

before I introduce how to use the Sohu micro-blog rankings do article ": the secret" knife on the Sohu of micro-blog, this paper mainly introduces the method for a period of time before being made 3 minutes fast raise a Babel of criticism of ranking. It was said that is only temporary, this shortcut will be blocked at the Shanghai love. Today is not a month of time, we should also find it is not so useful, even the original rankings are also out of assorted. Of course, I recently did not do Sohu micro-blog, the first not what good words can do, second time is also not allowed.