review: in forensic business annual meeting, general manager of Renaissance director, Huaxing Alpha chief of Zhou Xiang, starting from their own experience tell you start-ups in the whole process of financing must pay attention to what the problem.


, managing director of Renaissance, Huaxing Alpha director Zhou Xiang

first step: financing opportunity – when the capital market is good do not hesitate

The first thing is the timing of the

financing, often on the financing of the most important time point is when the company develops quickly, or when funds are tight, or is expected to require relatively large capital investment is in need of money, and the capital market intense.

to Jingdong, for example, Jingdong 2008 melt B round, when the capital market is not very obvious, coupled with the outbreak of the economic crisis, when no one voted. At that time, a serious loss of Jingdong, before the amount of financing is not large, but also requires a lot of capital investment, can be said to be the most difficult ever Jingdong financing.

after that, Jingdong school is very smart, basically every time the financing to choose the best time in the capital market. For example, in 2011 the market recovery to get tens of millions of dollars. A few months later, it launched a new round of financing, and after three or four months, Jingdong received $1 billion investment, which played a very important role in the development of Jingdong.

Jingdong case I would like to tell you that when the capital market is good, do not hesitate, or wait until the time to enter the capital market in winter when the financing process is basically difficult to complete or drag a long time. Of course, in the money smoothly, don’t spend the money or wasteful, planning to do.

Tips1: financing generally include equity and debt financing. In the early days, the company was largely based on equity. Most of the first financing is the founder of the company’s own investment, as well as investment from angel investors, angel investment failure probability is very high.

second step: looking for investors – to see the most important criteria for early projects is always team

how to find investors, the most reliable or acquaintances recommended, but also through some media platform exposure, or exposure in the event of the forum.

investors how to vote for you, of course, is to understand the investment standards in the eyes of investors, we sum up, the most important is the team.

case, we help the Qihoo financing in 2006, when the Qihoo at the same time in the two lines with the two largest Internet Co in the fight, financing is not very smooth. Then we went to Silicon Valley with Zhou Hongyi to see a circle of VC. After the plateau with Zhou Hongyi gone, think this person able to succeed, said after returning home about the team. >