web site in the search engine to stabilize the first page? It must first from the station optimization. Now the Internet is so full of irresponsible remarks, the forum is everywhere every day to be transferred to the so-called skill, without practice to take out the so-called experience sharing. So in addition to satisfy my attention is little vanity, what can get? And take these experiences when people become the golden laws and precious rules of mice is actually chewing someone else to eat the leftovers, also shouted really fragrant. The website wants to have a good ranking, need to do a lot, service network in Weihai to talk about internal site optimization to improve website ranking method and stable rank, for discussion of

many people will sniff at, but rely on enterprise station news updates to improve the spider crawling, give the site a freshness? Delete update on what? Here to say why the Weihai service network to delete news sites, when an enterprise is also station promotional products when a popular product or, when the industry is still a popular industry, business news on the Internet repeat degree is quite low, good news, this is valuable, but as the industry from cold to hot, there will be a large number of new sites, we all write industry news, write what is copied to copy,? At this time, the news has been turned rotten, no value, search engine will think that this news is not fresh, will be ignored, and then slowly. As the update of Enterprise News staff, to update every day, but it is not what fresh content, not afraid of slow update, snapshot, this news has become chicken ribs. You can see the current hot medical industry, is one of the best examples of medical industry news there was no weight, no value, online repeat is very high. This news does not have the natural user experience, search engine will be slowly abandoned. At that time, in addition to useless labor news, what value? To enable enterprises also have the freshness in our products can, because the user enterprise is to see the product, why not put the home position more places important to product

two, the home key put three or three above is a waste of


friends believe that the home is not put too much waste on the keywords, or, the first mention industry will change from the cold heat of this principle, start your home industry cold, put a few key words no problem, but when the industry becomes hot, too many key words will let you out of the heart, because not too many resources can be allocated to the key words so much, want to have good rankings, also want multiple keywords, which is so easy? Such as health care products, home economics, development of these industries is the best proof, when the fire, as you do more and less key words will have good rankings, look now, just do a keyword is very difficult. We experienced 08 years of business software group, 09-10 >


, a business news station to delete