second, the website is not a pool of stagnant water but a stream. The author thinks that the website update frequency is also one of the basic pr website promotion, we know that the PR routine analysis, many people think that as long as there is a relatively high quality Links, or a single high quality inbound links are the most fundamental impact factors of PR, but I would like to say that this argument is more one-sided, other site reason mainly comes from their own operation and maintenance updates when this Google’s performance, the author of a tourist site, long time not update any content, although the website weight is no problem, mainly because of the degree of competition is relatively low, the local tourism station, I almost did not how to update the article, this leads to the results is the site of PR from 3 down to 0 now, so I suddenly have a sense of desolation, so the author suggests that the site operation and maintenance process, we For fixed must be valuable content update frequency, because web content for both Google or love Shanghai is a fundamental part of the highest score, once the content problems the author thinks that other aspects do good, is not approved, the main reason is in the website service for user, do not update >

this morning update was surprised to see his website PR rose from 1 to three, at the author or his experiences sentiment and share with you. We think the main object many webmaster optimization is love Shanghai, a lot of people don’t care too much about Google PR but my view is that sometimes, when exchanging Links, if he is the new haven’t any others PR PR is 2 or 3 is largely not and you exchange a PR link for the 0 sites the. So, the indirect said PR or by a certain role, because the selection range of PR high Links exchange is certainly more wide, Links quality in turn affect Shanghai love weight, good reason to say clearly, the author mainly analyzes some PR today for promotion.


first, adhere to the high quality of soft Wen contribute to stationmaster net. You know if A5 often friends certainly for the author’s website is not strange, because almost every week I will go to the webmaster nets for submission, the effect is more obvious, once the article is audited by the administrator, bring a large number of portals for my soft Wen reproduced, so that in effect for the site to increase a lot of high the quality of the import link, the author thinks that high quality single link is one of the factors that affect the PR value of the site, because the PR is simply a vote, the higher the quality the better, so the weight website for your own website to vote its score influence is bigger, and here I think this time I Lantian jade PR from 1 to 3 stationmaster net soft contribute contributed, thanks to the stationmaster net administrator and hard editors, thank you for the grassroots webmaster dedication, there is no such a A very clean platform, only rely on their own every day to release some BBS signature, spam can wait for the low quality of the chain like PR up, I think this is very funny.