station, around the words "notebook computer", you can use the notebook computer 2012 recommended 2012 notebook computer rankings, ranking 2012 notebook computer "and other words; it has many related long tail keywords is Everfount! (see Figure today the keywords flow and ranking chart). Maybe you have noticed that these words basically contain "2012", which is the key, so as to ensure the integrity, timeliness and relevance of the website keywords, improve the user experience, is also conducive to the website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, increase the weight of keywords and ranking. I have been using the skills tested, get a lot of effective keywords relative concentration. In fact, most of the webmaster friends believe in using this method, but to really understand its essence is not much, it needs more time to practice and continuous testing, which is also called correlation search method.

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believe that many Taobao customer experience of a friend should deeply feel the intense competition in cash Taobao customers, even to the extent of vicious competition. The most obvious way is just brush words, now online everywhere advertising keyword ranking brush. The consequence is to make you white busy, and the love of Shanghai related keyword index lost its basic meaning. For example, "slimming products list" is a word, you can find the love of Shanghai index is now more than 300, you will find the word love Shanghai index is also good, but when you put the word do love Shanghai top every day, but can’t come to a few IP, let you white busy, this is a direct consequence of have a competition. The above problems, the author tries to analysis how to get a slim chance of survival in the fierce competition of Taobao customer environment, sharing with the webmaster. The purpose of this paper is to release exchange, I hope you do more, do not try to take this method to engage in a new round of vicious competition, hehe.

(2) to get rid of the "Taobao" related keywords to avoid network name or brand keyword instead of

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guest alliance has not so clearly defined Taobao off site may use "Taobao" related keyword optimization, but when the operation still need to be cautious, to optimize. In fact, it is more important than the beginning of the article said that the owners do not follow suit, meaningless and futile competition. The webmaster should produce a way, change the way to get rid of the "Taobao" to avoid the relevant keywords, and to replace the shop name or brand keywords. Still at this station as an example, we can optimize the "recommend a ASUS notebook" "in 2012 4500 following the 2012" notebook "which brand is good, but this is not the only one notebook", which is a distinctive feature of basically not "Taobao" word (see photo), try to make your key with the shop name or brand keyword matching, the search results to meet the actual needs of users. Maybe there will be a station with.

(1) around the target keywords are extended, maintain the integrity and relevance of