interface design style must be emphasized: the module is simple, keep the interface style neat, color collocation recommended 2 colors at the same time, independent modules between the proposed blank, stressed the extreme sense of do all good to hear or see, browser compatibility test. In addition to the navigation function must be concise and to the point, to express the category information clearly. In this regard, suggestions can learn to refer to the following: millet

mobile users often use the Internet environment is: Wife, 3G, 4G, for this, we have to give priority to the landing page loading speed. Must ensure that each landing page open speed is less than 5S, and the factors affecting the loading speed of the majority, especially considering the page size, the best advice is less than 20KB, the number of loading attention control elements, design pictures, script language is necessary for compression, the size must also control page elements. It must move to Shanghai to learn the love.

interface optimization

is through the "ifeng贵族宝贝 slimming reform" incident more clear on one thing: the user is to accelerate the transfer to the mobile internet. Thus, the future will be the mobile Internet market rally, we should not only be based on the PC side, but also to enter the mobile internet. Bridge is the most important mobile Internet link people and information is the mobile site, mobile site also involves two categories, namely APP and mobile web site. Further introduction: good mobile Internet market, the first step must do mobile site. Optimization of mobile station emphasis is also placed on the landing page. How to optimize the adjustment for the product manager is a very severe test, which is directly related to the competitiveness of enterprises in the mobile Internet market.

The content of

in order to improve the production efficiency, often need to consider the contents of the PC side synchronized to the mobile site, it must do the adaptation work, of course, it is worth reminding: adaptation work can be combined with search engine optimization and reasonable layout adjustment.

, simple interactionEither APP or

4, adaptive optimization of

2, optimization of loading speed


, or a mobile website or the user access to information in the process must involve interaction. Very pay attention to the interactive function, must consider the user’s behavior. It should be stressed that the users only use 1 fingers to complete the transformation and interaction of each page. Related to the click of a button or elements, must consider the size of the finger. Minimum size requirements: Apple 44px-44px, Microsoft 38px-38px.

: another adaptation optimization process must also do a screen adaptation function, at the same time in order to improve screen recognition accuracy, proposed to open "lock" function key.

mobile web content optimization must be different from the PC terminal, PC terminal attention is rich in content, and rich degree is often a long and minute statement, it doesn’t.

content optimization