recently, there are a lot of enterprise Adsense exchange with the author site is down the right, rather baffling bounce rate is very high, on the surface is lost to the user experience, but also affected the spider crawling, causing the site to be rather baffling right down. Someone may ask, because this will be down right? Is the right will drop, and when climbing spider site users, is to consider the user experience, if long-term instability or slow to open, it will cause the site to drop right and lose the user experience. When I found that a lot of enterprises in the time of the exchange site is there such a phenomenon, so the author thinks that the website space problems, after exchange found that part of the enterprise website outsourcing to network company, the domain name space, they are responsible for, so the quality is determined by them, the other is part of the station know how to choose space. To solve this problem, the author and communicate with you, but also need to help the enterprises in this article webmaster.

website or web site to move in space, a problem of the enterprise owners are most concerned about is how to choose the web space, and this problem for some good webmaster is very small, but for some enterprise owners is a headache. According to incomplete data show that the stationmaster of a lot of enterprises because of improper purchase space problems caused by lost website user experience, but also because of the loss of the user experience for indirectly causing the site to drop right, this is undoubtedly a blow to the enterprise, because the business owners do not have the right to choose in the choice of space, there is no space to taking regular purchase. From the optimization perspective, the speed and the stability of the server and space directly affect the user experience of the website, will also affect the search engines crawl, it is proposed to choose the stability and speed of the server or space.

example: the enterprises to go to buy website space now, then I will choose the regular space taking power, what belongs to the regular space? Such as space business, A5 webmaster network M-net, Western Digital, which is chosen by the author is the author.

first, enterprises should choose the regular space business strength. The above said, now many companies are looking for outsourcing to the station, in the establishment of the space and domain name are in the network company to buy, when so many companies are unable to choose these problems, which is part of the enterprise to the choice of space do not quite understand, so solely to the outsourcing business, at this time the enterprise had made a huge mistake, outsourcing to space is very cheap special waste space, and even some vendors in order to save resources, deliberately blocked the spider crawling, leading to the site can not be love Shanghai web search included, caused by the line after the website not only hurt the user experience also affects the spider climb I have seen a lot of this, the enterprise website. Therefore, in the choice of the space must choose the regular outsourcing space business strength, some did not have the strength is not selected.

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, the enterprise should choose the strength of the normal space