also, the plug-in is a key point in the ability to crack, so as not to go out, crack version immediately came out. However, crack version of the deal, the best way is to upgrade, add functionality.

so, in other words, we live in the story you, I, he she build, and consume. The story of our consumption enterprise, the story of consuming apple, the story of consumption, Tesla’s science fiction future and belief, the story of consumption, Starbucks, workplace and third space outside home, etc..

for this question, I have a guess; the trend of content presented on the live broadcast will be an interesting story of interaction between people and the environment".

as for a plug-in development costs, because the game and plug-in development difficulty and function is proportional to. Specific prices, we privately consult each other is good, here will not say more. Preferably with the technical staff in proportion to the way, we can accept, and others do have power.

live industry, the interaction between people and the environment is too little. Most of them are not a person. Not to say their tinkling tinkling. It is also true that many practitioners are difficult to get rid of the homogenization of the plight of content. It is also a dilemma for users to choose a live broadcast platform.

is that the individual’s "variability" "change mode" and "change scope" is limited and extremely difficult to cross.


, as my last article said, don’t let anyone see you as an outside website. It’s about making people think you’re a gamer community. Inside put more experience of others posted, game introduction, game technology aspects. Players generally like to see this kind of article, must remember to write more soft text, so that players can accept your plug-in. After accepting, they will try, remember not to download there, indicating charges.

The changing nature of the

02, we’re spending "funny stories",

then, individuals individual variability + changeable environment environmental variability + the interaction of the two, such a combination, will likely change the plight of homogenization content.

, which is also related to the job metrics of most industry leaders, relies entirely on the talent show of a group. But no matter who is singing a continuous jump for half a year, will run out of ideas. Besides, there are many people who don’t have a solid background.

first, the army did not move, the forage. We have to analyze what games have market potential, to see how the operators to plug the crackdown, lest you plug in the first few days, is to seal, will not justify the cost, but also look at the number of online game player, a small number, you plug again good, website promotion is good is no good.

Two days ago in

each live practitioner, want to be in this broadcast industry, hundred regiments battle, seek a way out.


interaction between 01 people and the environment

A5 made a post "want to make money through the network not only relying on advertising", say is I don’t do Wangzhuan through advertising but through kart plug-in sites. Looking at a lot of people said that my article was written badly, very unhappy. But there are at least two of my top, and someone through my website to contact me, ask me how to do a kart plug-in plug-in through the website, to make money, since some people ask, since there are still people who can support my article, I want to share with you I do on site experience. Personal opinion, for reference only.

also looks at the age of the player. In general, players who focus on players between the ages of 18-30 are more likely to pay, so they can afford to spend outside the game. At that time, my friend and I took a fancy to a kart at this age of many game player of course, children also pretty much then we made even online games, have started looking for plug-in development programmers. In fact, you can go to A5 to find a forum, the place of the Crouching.Tiger,Hidden.Dragon.

, the interesting story presented by the interaction between the individual "change" and the environment "change", is subversive and likely to reverse the trend of high turnover of current users.

finally, is to promote the plug-in.

says, "today’s man is a story telling animal.".

third, for the individual environment decoration changes; from Japan and South Korea style to Europe and America style, from pure style to hot style, and other decoration style brought about by changes in the environment.

The underlying logic underlying the situation in

, as well as plugins, remember to create a trial or function limit. Experience is good, players will pay out of pocket. This is probably a step plug-in network, here is a summary, two of the most critical is the plug-in function is practical, and is distinctive, can I have no, I have no people; there is the promotion of the website.

first: place of change; from Sanya to Lijiang, from Tanggula Mountain to the Tengger Desert, the environmental change caused by location;

read "human history" friends all know that our ancestors Homo sapiens is the use of storytelling, to invent a tribal beliefs or racial worship, in order to gather more powerful fighting force, and ruled the earth.

environment makes it easy to think of 3 variations.

, let me say two more

second, time of change; from dawn to dusk, from spring to winter time caused by environmental change;