my name is Dai Chen, the founder of a teahouse. I am now lying on the roof of the roof of the last memories of this bitter force of the year, a loss of about two million, the loss of their own money is not an investor!


I haven’t slept much since this week. Every midnight to sit on the roof, often this time will remember this year to experience the scene, or thought to want to write this article, is to review this year, is still on the same business friends and watch some.

, when the TV news are filled with certain 90 entrepreneurs how time Niubi, I found the same as entrepreneurs and I look so humble, from the college put stall hawkers began, at present awesome things never happened to me. But as a 90 after graduation in two years time will have their own two small shops and hundreds of thousands of deposits, or a little bit of self-confidence. But the tragedy starts with this little confidence.

began in 2014, the rise of the new food and beverage brands, also let my heart itch, after a series of more professional market research is not professional, jump jumped into the food and beverage industry in the wave at that time anyway feel regressed donghonghong, now it seems that idiot fool.

first said that our project is doing what in the end, we precisely is to combine Cantonese style tea and tea culture, and bring it to the country. In our opinion at home (in addition to outside Guangdong province) of urban leisure catering almost by western catering to monopoly, Cantonese tea market is almost a blank. It is in such an environment stepped into the pits are everywhere food and beverage industry.

1, junior team do not choose a strong professional field

although I considered entrepreneurial veterans, has several years of business experience, but in the catering industry is a trainee, the whole team is to do marketing and the Internet was born, little is known about the food and beverage industry. In this case we have chosen should be inside the catering industry has the most professional field: Cantonese style tea.

we may (if not Cantonese) do not know what this is, this can ask Baidu, not a specific explanation. Overall, the Cantonese style tea are very high to raw materials, cooks, floor service requirements. Hundreds of raw materials, seventy or eighty models produced regularly need to launch new products, add water and tea details. For us just to enter the food and beverage industry rookie is a big problem.

2, the start-up team do not talk about the big pattern, survival is the key

may be much more similar to the "you are a restaurant or do such high force articles, always from their own actual situation to make a lot of wrong decisions.

look at the simple architecture I’ve given our project: