·: how do you make the Ridejoy arrangement more convenient for the driver and the hitchhiker?

team started by listing all the reasons why the company shared the seats, and I summarized several of the most important information and posted them on the Ridejoy to attract potential drivers. Practice has proved that drivers are most concerned about the information:

·: how do you speed up the matching of drivers and riders?


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more League information goes on:

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national day just ended, also did not forget the highway spectacle? Travel people hear the toll free like crazy all cars, resulting in high speed was a large parking lot, the emergence of various scenes, walking the dog, go to the toilet, and even someone playing basketball at high speed but if! Watch you will find a lot of cars and spare seats, think there is no way for those who go to the same direction of the ride? Both energy conservation and environmental protection to maximize efficiency, and reduce the traffic pressure, Why not?.


is the 3 major challenge to improve the user experience:



, that’s how we solved it:

challenge 1: encourage information release

Challenge 2: quick pairing

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·: how do you transfer driver schedules and the needs of riders?

Adsense network alliance information release group: 5084047

League site: lianmeng

2 has a large number of potential riders.



1 photo of a hitchhiker.

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first let you know the domestic league dynamics,

iPhone application design issues

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wants to make seat sharing services a success and must encourage people to release travel plans and routes. According to our observation, driving yourself a few, there are many of them are looking for ways to reduce costs, but if they don’t travel plans to release in Ridejoy, then Ridejoy will not be able to get information, it can not share the empty seat.


Ridejoy web page has been operating for several months, and the team knows many user requirements through existing users. For the development of iPhone applications, we have to do not transplant the web page to the mobile phone platform, but to replace the web entirely with the new application, bringing a new user experience.


3 how much money can you make from it?

Ridejoy has solved this problem, and is committed to helping users to ride in any time and any place to achieve. At present, Ridejoy has just been built in the United States App Store, the following is the production team for the entire program design process summary –