first of all, let me explain what is called "reverse bidding" or "grey bidding". In fact, we usually talk about "all the people make money". By promising certain benefits to web visitors, visitors are asked to help promote the site. Everyone casually search, the people are earned, you can understand the relevant content. This idea is not impossible, but it should have a good attraction, set enough to allow users to help you promote. The only real bidding is through the search engine advertising, which is called bidding. In order not to consider the premise of promotion, directly to spend money to buy traffic. If there is any gray bidding or reverse bidding can achieve the effect of sh419, GG bidding, then these do bidding experts will not every month tens of millions of advertising. This will be understood by everyone himself. I didn’t see what the attraction of the project was, but he would certainly exaggerate the effect of the publicity in the data. In fact, making all the people is the most difficult to operate a network promotion means.

optimization techniques do not belittle the soft text, it is not difficult to climb

1, the surface is Taobao transactions, satisfied with re payment. But it has a clause, which means you can’t get a refund if you don’t think you can learn it in 3 days. Why set 3 days? That’s a key point. Taobao logistics of virtual goods time is 3 days, buyers do not confirm the receipt of payment, Taobao will automatically determine the buyer has received and automatically confirm the payment. There are many new people do not understand this truth, it is easy to delay 3 days, Taobao directly payment. We can note that its products are published in the "IP card / VoIP / mobile phone number" category. If he chooses to deliver the goods automatically, it will take only 1 days for Taobao to confirm the payment directly. During this period, he will try to delay you, distract your attention, and so on, when you really learn according to his statement, 3 days after the refund, your money has gone.

below, I will give you an analysis of how he set traps to achieve the purpose of deception. Here I will make a detailed analysis of its operation. The purpose is to let everyone know, do not be deceived, rather than you to learn a deceptive approach, and then copy his model to cheat.

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, a friend of mine who bought a project yesterday, told me that he wanted to buy a so-called "gray bidding and reverse bidding" project and asked me to help you. I will not disclose the project sponsor and project sales page, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble. Everyone will see similar concepts in the future and know the pattern.

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2, you see his shop is 100% high praise? And the product page has many buyers comments. But you look at it with confidence. It’s not really Taobao’s data, it’s just a picture of him. The high praise pictures casually PS, or intercept from others, on the OK. You look at the "evaluation details", you find a very strange phenomenon? Why only scoring and not detailed evaluation, because the previous 100% praise scoring is made by himself. >

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my new book is out, and I hope you will give us your support.>

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we need to understand what is? How to learn Wangzhuan Wangzhuan?? how to use network technology? Then we also need to know their current levels. Recently nothing happened, usually mainly under the GG cheating, and unit price.

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but first of all we should Wangzhuan, thinking about how to make a stand, even trash can, but if you don’t stand it, so I feel you on the network to make money really a bit difficult. Then we think that when we have a station, should not SEO optimization for him, such as my site, the first station of the domain name is not what meaning, OK, since the domain name has no meaning, so we should optimize content, for example, I choose the keyword "Wangzhuan video". Why don’t I choose something else? First, I personally think about, small to the idea. In the second, we think is to promote, and make money, a lot of model to make money, any site with their own money mode, some download money, some advertising to make money, but also some promotion to make money, this is more of their site conditions.

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this time, many years of experience have come out, that is, we hope to give advice and criticism.

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