since last week, I was in the old Chinese medicine doctor issued a scene on the tiger sniffing · diagnosis; after the hero summoned the order, a lot of heroes to the old Chinese medicine to throw a medical record. We have a wide range of projects, creative novelty is really open the eyes of the old Chinese medicine.

I came to

old Chinese Tiger sniffing treasure open medical center, opened the first visit, to fame. Look for financing, do publicity this kind of common disease, it is not out of the old Chinese medicine my wrist.

really didn’t happen to me, records are written in clear and refined. I make a prompt decision, is the three of them, my old Chinese fame in the battle of



what questions are so exciting? Let’s look at who they are and what kind of trouble and interesting questions.

is the first wheat hill, you may have heard in Beijing, opened in Beijing, 5 bakery. There are shops to open 2 months is the public comment Beijing 10 000 restaurants in first and bread first. The traditional bread store customer price is more than and 10 yuan, he sold more than and 50. But the store water is all the more than 1 million, three to four times that of other bakery. It is said that more than 100 million.

old Chinese medicine is also very fond of his bread, although a bit expensive, but a large, special incense, often can not buy, have to grab. This is not a good selling, how? They’d asked an interesting question, should sell bread on the Internet? This old Chinese medicine did not think over, as you think, to give advice to



second is a day of fresh, fresh cold chain is not surprising, it is noted that their data is amazing. Founded only half of the daily and fresh WeChat subscription number, only a city of Beijing, the average daily passenger volume of up to more than 20 thousand single, 9 Chengdu WeChat orders. Tencent in WeChat backstage to see this data has also been amazing, take the initiative to find them to invest 60 million yuan pre-A.

this thing really is fascinating. I was next to the small nurse Amway to pay attention to the micro signal, immediately sent me coupons. When I see a ticket, I buy it. I also buy coupons, buy and send coupons. So, wages have not cover hot, I have been on a happy life every day to eat sashimi. They take what problems aside, you first to take my




third also interesting, called guest star, founder of the home generation to do a training school in Taiwan, there are 192 chain stores in Taiwan Haircut. In Beijing just opened a few stores, is characterized by quick shear is not hot, not dyed, and do not sell, not do card, 15 minutes Haircut, 20 dollars. A store of 2 or 3 working tables, with an average of one serving a day for each of the 35 guests