start with the community,

at the same time, Tang also collects hobby in community function

Tang is the continuation of Tan Qunzhao’s social story. In this platform, collectors can show more fans and exchange their collections Tan Qunzhao said, a community must have its core user vertical, and based on the development of interactive user group, "the collection circle itself has created an atmosphere of benign development in the community, a good atmosphere to stimulate collectors show more willing to share their collections, community activity also increased".

, a network of people: people network is a well-known website classification information website, I only know that he and 58 city, ganji heats up, some time ago also "mail" trouble later on sh419 raise a Babel of criticism of, after the search, the original people network as well as foreign background. This information I will not here, too many one by one introduced, interested friends can go to sh419 search. Only the information conveyed to us is that the people network is a business for many years the old site, strong background, so that the majority of the Commission more secure Wangzhuan friends.

for the platform, the contribution of a good collection community to the platform is immeasurable. Collection circle is not big, also means that based on this field of social system is easier to build, easier to maintain, and its own trading platform can also get higher value identity.

is in charge of "legend" before, Tan Qunzhao in the first big band is a IM product, then the Internet is not Chinese Tencent 133.5, 4.30, 3.33%, , real-time quotes it is said that Ma Huateng also studied this product. However, due to various reasons for the grand, this product eventually ended. According to the people around Tan Qunzhao said, precisely because of this product, Tan himself after leaving the business, there has been a social plot.

‘s vast market space, combined with the Internet, has attracted a former big brother of the gaming circle, former Shanda chairman and CEO Tan Qunzhao. He left the grand game, founder of the deer network as chairman and CEO, and in the first half of this year launched the "private museum" concept collection community, "Tang"".

: after you log into the people’s network, you will get an account like this. User_3741065, if you think this account is not easy to remember, you can also change it.

with the increase of amount of game player, liquidity collections will gradually increase, a mature trading platform has become the demands of the market, and the personal collection of network sales model is being accepted by people, and has become the main trade form of collection of buyers and sellers.

, two people Alliance: with my own knowledge of a simple description of the people’s alliance, after you join the people alliance, let other people, by the people to link your exclusive alliance, people registered as members of the network, and then issued a message, as long as the information can be through the net audit. You can get 1-3 yuan Commission, the Commission to specific people network to see everyone can.

, here’s a brief introduction to you. to understand that the League of people has joined the people League, please ignore the contents of the previous three steps automatically.

, first, let’s shine for everyone. I got 7 days’ worth, from 1 yuan to 100 yuan. screenshot of my number, we do not understand, you can add me to detailed consultation

this sharing tutorial is a very junior tutorial, and if you are familiar with the League of people, you can automatically ignore the contents of the previous three parts.

technology Heran Li

through a week’s practice, I summed up a very simple and easy to use method. And just started to contact or Wangzhuan, there is not much experience in online friends.

from some time ago I happened to see A5, probably introduced several popular Wangzhuan, one of which is to earn commission by the people through the alliance, I simply know later, found the net people even in the absence of alliance website, without any Wangzhuan experience no, before any technology, can earn commissions. So I decided to try to find a suitable method for the beginner.



in this mode, even if the audience is small, but because of a strong market base, the market sales are still relatively large. To achieve this level, the need is to protect the stickiness of users. For collectors, a collection of trading platform to bring his value is far more than the level of the exchange of goods, where they should get more knowledge and collection value judgment skills, they need a circle line to help them create the environment.

A post

three, how to join the alliance of people:

: registered people network users, if you have the net account, the best re register a new account, enter the people network baixing/? U=68712352 the top right corner of the page is registered after entering the entrance, as shown below.

social and economic development stimulated the pursuit of spiritual life, which led to the prosperity of the collection market. In contrast, major television stations have launched the "Kam Po" program, but for the layman to watch, experts see road "in the field, through the media of television is difficult to reduce the information asymmetry, other users can not participate in mice.