recently and a few friends in Taobao customers that sina micro-blog has not released the guest link, can not help heart surprised, originally go hard Taobao guests also encountered a robbery! Since Ali mother was established, rely on the Internet to eat grass root webmaster encountered a a good opportunity to make money, indeed, there Taoke mode bowl full of pots that a lot of the first to join friends to make full. But Taobao visitors day seems to go more and more difficult, from the 10 year ban sh419 station, 360 of last year to now Sina micro-blog browser plug-in rebate shield Amoy link, Taobao customer in a way where

Taobao customers have been blocked by major websites all the time. As long as you send a post and write a blog, you can make money. Now you can only make money by doing traffic. The mature model is nothing but the kinds: 1, micro-blog marketing, if the micro-blog started blocking guest links, this model can be ignored. 2, soft Wen SNS promotion, it is said that an expert in SNS mix, but I think SNS difficulty is still very big, not recommended. 3, SEO Taobao passengers, this is very familiar, but also I’m doing, and the effect is also very good. 4, high weight website inside page, this kind of form is very tired, but the effect is pretty good, around a few go, this pattern of monthly income is over ten thousand. 5, Q & a platform, the most is sh419 know, dedicated to do sh419, know this piece of people is also very much, make money is still a lot.

personally think or soft and SEO, after all, only the two is lasting, the others are relatively short-lived, such as micro-blog, now has been blocked; such as high weight inside pages, blocked sooner or later; renren and other SNS sites, there may be blocked. So, if you are ready to do Taobao customers, I suggest or consider the next site, do SEO>


three, the mainstream form of promotion in the future.


is a sign of Taoke mode electronic commerce high-speed development, but also the future of the Internet mainstream profit channel, as a novice how to understand Taobao customers? How to through the Taobao customer groan pot of gold on the Internet? This is a reflection of the author.

two, Taobao customers what forms of promotion,

yes, definitely. At least, this model will not be a problem in the next few years. As long as there are traffic methods, it is certain to make money. Many people are asking the same question when making CPC clicks, but when they ask, other people are still making money. So, whether we can make money is not what we guess, but through actual tests. Since I first time really doubt Taobao off to earn brushstroke Commission, to Amoy is really a brief encounter feeling, from this point on, no matter what time we join, or earn some money

, shlf1314, adsence promotion, Picasa has been canceled

but before the application for Picasa advertising will continue



recently personal website advertising is becoming more and more difficult to make money

this station will be opened in the near future as well as a union website money program,


can Taobao still make money?