technology news Zhong Tao November 21st Beijing time news, foreign media recently published a review article said, has become increasingly popular in the Internet today, a new Internet model of higher education is becoming increasingly popular, and the ultimate goal of this model is: everyone will have the opportunity to receive higher education.


network era of new higher education mode Tencent technology plan

? in 2000 although the network economic bubble caused no small impact on the online retail industry, but it has survived, and feel better, management of online retailers to Amazon and WAL-MART as the representative and traditional retailers began to understand the network.

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MOOC teaching philosophy has become a hot topic in education since last year, when Professor Sebastian of Stanford University, ·, and Rahn Sebas>

this is called a "large open online course MOOC" network education, its characteristic is to have a new way of education, and a large number of students to teach knowledge, students can set up a forum for the exchange, and the instructor can also pre recorded lectures, and then the conventional teaching time to start the interaction with the students.


teaches "the sociological theory" Introduction to Sociology courses, has almost become the Princeton University professor Mitchell · Deng Naier Mitchell Duneier second nature: he teaches the course has reached 30 times, the course textbook is written by Deng Naier and others, is already the eighth edition. Last summer, however, he switched his regular classes to free online classes. In this process, Dengnaier teaching experience has encountered new problems: teaching content in the camera recording process, their eyes should focus on where? Through the network to learn the course number of registered students reaches 40 thousand many, among these students how to communicate through their own learning experience? How to understand students’ learning progress

from different point of view, Professor Dunnel change the teaching mode, but also reflects the current education industry a larger change, and this may change the existing pattern of change in higher education. In fact, many companies have begun offering free elite university level education or training to anyone who can access the internet. Prior to this, such education activities only for selected groups of people, education sites are limited to the University campus.

MOOC teaching concept may also bring some unexpected results. Some lower level colleges in the United States have faced criticism that tuition fees are too high, and the MOOC is likely to make it harder for students to persuade students to take the initiative to pay tuition fees. Some experts pointed out that, there is no perfect network teaching effectiveness evaluation system, the corresponding network test may appear fraud, plagiarism phenomenon is also worth vigilance.

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