think carefully about yourself from Jianye to now, a page about personal display content less than 1/5! In order to visit, I added many net product certification on the home page to browse; I need to set up a "classic comedy" and "beautiful article" on the page; in order to make the home page can be in more places to be seen in my GF BBS news: "we Links"; in order to allow users to search my home page, I added a 11 key-words· in the code; meditation meditation, has not produced home all day long is somehow exhausted. Access to enhance the amount of what? Is it just to find the vast sea of others identity, admired the vanity of


people may have the nature of going with the stream. Someone else’s personal homepage on the news, I do not put, is worse than others; but think about it, how many people will go to the website to watch the news? Someone’s home page has software download, I have, the content is much less; but how many people will go to a level two even the three level domain name website to download

??The original motivation for

‘s home page creators is nothing more than their own interests. They want to have a home of their own online. However, in many news + + software download registration code query page "under the lost person good at giving systematic guidance" with smart and assertive personality! A personal homepage is outstanding, "layout" nature is one of the most important factors; what is next? "The individual person"; smart, personality, personal interests, personal feelings as much as possible to get performance. Third, maintenance and renewal.

"easier said than done, you think but you can do it