wrote the article "Tencent should stand up for boxing Baidu" two days ago, and received a lot of comments, some of which are consistent, and some are personal attacks. The Internet is a society, hear different voices can progress, the Internet giant is not carrying infamy.

Baidu’s recent troubles, first from the previous MP3 to the present judicial lawsuit door, but Baidu is still very cattle, can hold on. I heard that the Baidu hard drive is broken, why is this bad? Listen to hearsay: Baidu GOOGLE to access speed is slow, with reptiles to climb the GOOGLE server, then GOOGLE GOOGLE did not know, 8848 such small companies that go to the police, so much shame ah! So GOOGLE also released a few bugs climb Baidu server finally, downtown, ah, too horrible to look at. But these are the side dishes. The real impact on Baidu is the Trojan click. Trojan click believe most Adsense are used, I never doubt the spirit of exploration on the webmaster in crooked ways. A few days ago to see a webmaster to write "what do Wangzhuan" that crooked ways, brothers a bit arrogant, these tricks as early as several years have the old webmaster in use, now it has become a manual work way. Now let me explain to you what a Trojan horse means". If it’s an old station, just go ahead.

Trojan click is from the beginning of the pop-up virus, the 3721 assistant in the early years, to later tampering with the address bar, to later QQ tail, and then to the click of the broiler, and finally developed to click alliance. When the 3721 development of this thing, the old week did not intend to malicious clicks, is to give his 3721 increase in traffic, and now the rookie webmaster of this way of thinking is the same, because rookie or stay in the concept of flow is king, click on the normal, but the mind is never playing physical webmaster game. Earlier in the IT world famous QQ tail expert, and now have emigrated to overseas, these people are worth tens of millions of people. The first question: why tamper with the address bar, because you have his virus, you can give him traffic, and then random click, you can control points better than. This point is generally more than 3/1000, and if your point ratio is greater than 3/1000, there is a risk of being K. Second question: why should broiler click?. If you have remote control software, you are not lacking in wealth. Why do pandas burn incense to do virus, because he has gray income, I can infect others, click on my ad, and the union advertising, so that money will be a lot of money to come. In front of these two general webmaster is not good, the need for high tech strong or organized team, but the latter said this is very effective. Now say, click alliance, this software is now called Trojan click, although he is not a Trojan horse, but antivirus vendors classified him as Trojan " CLICKER". The software is famous for Muzi, click League, click League, pioneer, and many of these alliances. Trojan click on the original >