, let me ask you a question first, what do you do for your website? I think most of the webmaster is to make money. Many webmaster is directed to make money to start the web site, but when they are involved in the network, they begin to often can’t make money, why? Because it is a process, it takes a while. Not want to make money can earn money, if you just do stand one or two months can earn money, how many webmaster will the Internet?. Ha ha, then there were more garbage stations on the Internet than regular ones.

website is a child, he needs to grow up, need time to hone, at the beginning of our station is only a small station, slowly, it will become a money making machine.

I like many webmaster exchange, they are also beginning to feel the passion, the Internet will bring you endless wealth, but over a period of time, they began to lose, because a lot of things are not so simple as he imagined. A lot of people began to give up. Very few people held on. They succeeded. At least they have a good income on the internet. Able to support the family.

now I do two sites, one is the entertainment station (www.wensao.com.cn), is a college student forum (www.qifa8.com), the two station is under development now, even a penny of income are not, but I will stick with it. Try hard to do it.