Spring Festival after pondering to establish a local real estate website, this website is the fundamental starting point to seek more buyers in the local, and then through the flow of the gathering of advertising, the site of the future development are also not considered when setting up this website, just want to create a different place with other websites the name of website content, so the local + lowest prices, the most affordable real estate named, is the title that website but 10 Yu Tian has received a lot of local people, what is the reason for the local user website has become the hope in the eyes of


in my opinion, different users agree on a local website to the key to success is to make the tour website, finally continue to claim that the website to attract more users to participate in, this is a cycle, and want to do this one website must establish resonates with consumers constantly stream content below I would like to establish their own local real estate website as an example to share how to break the shackles of local websites.

The title and description in the on-line time

first site to be good, we can look at the title and description of this site I, is definitely out of the ordinary, the title covers all the information about the real estate in Yibin, but the title reveals a: the most affordable prices, if you are a user to search this website is not click to enter; the key is the site description, description directly revealed the theme, prices are still high and worry? This network will provide low-cost projects and affordable real estate. Let’s think about it. If you were a user, would you click on it and get into traffic?. So if you want to be different from other established local websites, you have to make headlines different from descriptions and attract more traffic through this difference.



website content must resonates with consumers, or to the real estate website as an example, users love is what kind of content, than lower prices, low prices, real estate sales, state regulation, and our website is to continue to build the content, let the user feel the site is from the user the angle, rather than standing in the perspective of the business website, to achieve this point are not far from success, we can look at my site, the title of the content we can find is from the user’s perspective, covering the market price will drop, real estate information recommendation and so on if you are a user, to see whether the content will form the click rate, finally to improve the PV value of the site.



as a new local website, we should make reasonable promotion, in the promotion of the time still can not forget the user with many promotion methods are too old, a promotion is advertising, as a local website, we promote the most important purpose is to build brand value instead of playing advertising, such as: