domain name contains keywords, ranking of the site will be better, if the domain name does not contain keywords, ranking on the site is very unfavorable. In fact, this statement is not true, the domain name of the keyword and website rankings really related?. According to one’s guess, it should have nothing to do with it. In order to verify the statement, the individual did two experiments. Before introducing these two experiments, first of all, why do you think that the keywords and rankings in the domain name are related?.

: the first has gradually formed a kind of argument, when someone says the domain keyword can promote the SEO ranking, we all go to the registration and keyword related to domain name, or similar domain names, there are people to register the same domain name and keyword. Because the Chinese keyword is no corresponding domain name, the webmaster began to register and keyword like the spelling of the domain name, think this can improve the site ranking. A lot of websites basically are such, the first step that they choose domain name is to see whether to include keyword.

second: most of the domain name contains keywords, when you go to a search product and information, find the domain contains the basic keyword, especially English website, Chinese website, almost all is the product of the Pinyin, which gives the user a misleading result. That the domain name must contain keywords, otherwise it is not conducive to SEO ranking. Then everyone goes to register and keyword related domain names.

why domain keywords in the Never mind and rank it, in order to prove this point, I have to buy a foreign VPN, the browser English Google search, in English Google in search of many English keywords, found that the ranking is not only a key site in many domain name no keywords website ranking is also very good. Therefore, it proves that the keyword in the domain name does not play a role in the ranking of the website, even if it is played by the role, it is not a decisive role.

is another point to note, is about the Chinese website, if it is Chinese website is not containing the keyword domain name, domain name Chinese unless it is enabled, now general is English domain name, domain name enabled Chinese is not realistic. This shows that the keywords and rankings in the website do not have much to do with, and in the Chinese search engine, this is simply impossible. Personally feel that the domain name contains keywords, but is an excuse and gimmicks, in the final analysis, the search engine or content, and domain name has nothing to do with.

choose a domain name, should follow several principles, first the most basic principle is easy to remember, when the user see the domain name, the domain name is very easy to put the memory in my mind, the choice of the domain name is successful. One should note that the best domain name and related theme, so that it can form a good brand promotion, blog is best to use your name as your domain name, domain name as the best products to the product name, so as to enhance the user’s memory. >