it started two years ago, or three years ago.

I didn’t know anything at that time. One day I was playing games, and I had nothing to do with QQ.

although not too many wonderful life, but also carefree and content.

because of the laggards, the laggards have changed all this.

, a good netizen from now on has become a webmaster

is called "stationmaster", but in fact it is the most pitiful person in the world.

has become a poor man and has to soak in this place every day.

what kind of place is this,


is a great guy,

the laggards are so enviable that each one is so talented.

and there many youngsters, small age will have to achieve success and win recognition, Daxinyanli admire.

, especially those who play GG and make dollars, let me drool.

if only I could get a website and get some bucks too.

I want to play GG, earn dollars,


is free,


, this is the idea I’ve been having for days and days when I’m behind the times.

who can help me make a website? No website, I play what GG ah,


but everyone is busy making dollars. When you have nothing to do, you have to count your money at home. Who has the time to talk to you,


looked at so many owners to make money, I envy….

rely on others can not rely on, and only self-reliance, hard work,


, but I won’t do anything,


before, I was nothing, but fortunately there are laggards,


is out of date, bubble up for five days,


now, I won’t do anything either.

seems to be a bit off topic, then said to play GG.

, according to the laggards, make a domain name first.

meters, so I have a lot of genius to understand what’s going on.

thought for a few days, came up with a million net, to register.

spent a lot of dozens of pieces, distressed ah,

meters, there is still land.

went shopping again and didn’t know who to look for and spent more money, and his heart ached again.

(for a person who can not do anything, the easiest way is to buy a station directly, such as Baidu buy, buy a few people management, but I do not have so much money!)

then get the program, get the content, and I’ll collect it,